4-Person Suction Cup Simulated Archery Checklist

Serial number Product name Part name Specification model quantity Remark
1 Core components Central controller                 Control Box Bystem 1 set
Shooting software Sucker archery game 1 set
Encrypting Software Software Security Keylock 1 set
Camera and signal capture system Camera 1 set
2 Electrical components, Suction plate
Projector kit 120 inch wood board 1 set
Dedicated computer host High configuration: CPU i3, Gigabyte motherboard, memory Kingston 8GDDR3, Golden 120G solid state drive, Colorful GT950 2GD5 graphics card, Great Wall Stable King Power Supply Taiding AQX industrial control case (including: cable ties, mouse, keyboard, network cable, power cord, etc.) 1 set
Audio kit Including: Guanye Technology brand power amplifier (model A16-8), Guanye Technology brand 450W*2 speakers, audio cable, speaker cable, three-digit eight-digit bull socket, three-core six-core shielded cable, etc. 1 set
Real bow Dicaron exquisite bow 4 set 20% of 2 children
Sucker Arrow High safety factor, light suction cup arrow 60 pcs
3 Arrow stand Arrow stand image promotion board Including: automatic color-changing colorful light strip 1 set
Arrow stand 0.3m*06m*0.5m
4 Peripheral decoration Door head image publicity sign Six Art Shots 1 set
Decorative frame (truss) 4m*4m*2.8m, can be disassembled and assembled by yourself 1 set
Camouflage shading cloth 1 set