arcade card system

  • Login manage software and select item interface in stock function.
arcade swipe card system

arcade swipe card system

  • In item interface, double click the needed item and select exchange setting in table.
  • Tick offline exchange and set required number.

How to consume tickets from member card

cashless card arcade system

cashless card arcade system

  • Login GMO and get in Gift exchange interface, read card to get customers’ asset and it will show the tickets they own.
  • Select a needed item and confirm the change will consume certain tickets.

Track the profits situation of each machine

ticketsarcade game card swipe system

arcade game card swipe system

card system for arcade

  • Login manage software, get in machine analysis to check all data in certain table.

Recycle member card and reuse

arcade card system,

card system arcade

  • Login GMO select search function in menu and read card to get certain member.
  • The recycle function display at right bottom and click OK to confirm.
  • Then the information in card would be cleared and can reuse as a new card.

Make a setting card

card system used at family arcade

arcade card reader system

  • Login manage software, get in the game machine and select server setting function.
  • Fill information in the table, wireless network account and password , server IP and device IP as the picture, then put a new card on card reader.
  • Click read card and then write card.