Project Description

Coin operated Ball Drop Arcade Tickets Games

Redemption Ticket Game Machine

Technical Parameter

  • Voltage :220V 50/60Hz
  • consumed power:
  • minimum: 170W
  • Maximum: 250W
  • Size:W990×D1125×H2680(mm)
  • Weight:150Kg
  • Environmental conditions: (indoor temperature: -10 degrees to 40 degrees; humidity: less than 90%; atmospheric pressure: 86pa~106 pa

How To Play

  • Insert coin(s), game starts;
  • Keep pressing the button, the more ball drops in the more scores you get;
  • Get your tickets according the scores;
  • Get bonus if 50pcs balls drop in.


  • Test machine if works normally then use for operation everyday.
  • Clean by soft cotton cloth when machine is dirty
  • Machine should be checked for all parts once every month.
  • Check the machine regularly
  • Keep the space for cooling fan, replace the cooling fan regularly to ensure the machine works normally.