Project Description

Shooting Star Prize Vending Machine For Sale

Shooting Star Prize Vending Machine

Shooting Star

  • Parameters Size(W×D×H):740×932×2079(mm)
  • Packing size(W×D×H):-x-x-(mm)
  • Weight(kg):-kg [package included weight:-kg]
  • Voltage:AC 110V;AC 220V
  • Frequency range:50~60Hz;50~60Hz
  • Power consumption:150W;100W

Names of all parts

Prize Vending Machine

Prize Vending Machine


  • Open the front door using the DOOR BKT.
  • Insert the screws 2 to the two small holes , and hang them on the door. Then connect the connector 3 on the button panel to the connector on the main board by using 8 small M4 screws through 6 holes .
  • Complete the assembly in the following method.
  • Connect AC power cable to the control board through the hole inside the machine, and fix it using the cable tie.