Project Description

Lumi Trend Play II 2 Player Boutique Claw Machine Crane


  • Size:820*576*1772mm
  • Weight:100KG
  • Power:180W

Lumi Trend Play II 2 Player Boutique Claw Crane Vending Gift Machine

Game Play

  • The first prize machine with self-contained operation speculation function. Better help operator to attract more players to play the game.
  • When the toys fall when the claw move, limit protection at the entrance of the hole
  • 1-16 sets can be connected, the probability is accumulated together, the winning rate is accelerated, and the revenue increases by 10%-20%
  • Regional and landing output a complete operation and marketing plans.


  • Trend Play IP design elements
  • More unique gift machine concept
  • All-round display of gifts and beauty on the top and back
  • 3.0 Translation of falling objects/4.0 connection program
  • include wooden frame cost