Project Description

Pinball Raiders Ticket Arcade Games For Sale

Introduction Of This Product:

  • 《Pinball Raiders》is a carnival game machine, which is divided into 1. Tickets version 2. Gift version.Designed for public entertainment, an indoor entertainment machine, it has a fresh and lovely appearance, stable and solid machine, and easy to understand the game, is the best entertainment products in the playground revenue.

Pinball Raiders Ticket Arcade Games For Sale

Features Of This Product:

  • The purpose of new gameplay,stimulate,Full of leisure and entertainment;
  • An elegant design,Bright pattern、Exquisite,Tube material selection、Iron and metal、Plywood and other materials production,Steel after rust treatment,Safe and durable;
  • In the large scale integrated circuit,Built in style,Stable working performance、reliable; In the selection of high-end lottery machine,Any ticket machines are acceptable;
  • The purpose of the game program and fine adjustable rate revenue.

Technical Parameters

  • The working voltage:220V/110V(According to the determined nameplate)
  • The power consumption:Minimum power:250W
  • Maximum power:350W
  • Dimensions:W1380×D1800×H2650(mm)
  • The weight:about 340 kg
  • Environment conditions:(Indoor)Temperature:-10℃ ~ +40℃
  • Humidity:≤90%
  • Atmospheric pressure:86KPa ~ 106KPa


  • After the coin is inserted, the ball control mechanism moves up and down, the button-pressing device stops moving and launches a bouncy ball from it
  • The bouncy ball falls into one of the 15 holes and the lottery ticket or card with the corresponding value will be awarded
  • When the left and right lights accumulate 5 lights, a free launch ball will be given (the number of free balls can be set, the factory default is 3)
  • When 5 lights accumulate in the middle, the super prize will be won.