Project Description

Bincai Hover Air Hockey Tables

Bincai Hover Ball Airhockey Table Air Hockey Tables


  • Size: W1470*D2200*H1600
  • Weight: 210
  • Power: 380w

How To Play

  • This hockey ball is full of metal. The panel is made of stainless steel. Compared with the traditional acrylic panel, it is not easy to spend, durable and not easy to damage.
  • Game description: After the coin is inserted, the game starts. Both players use their skills to score the goal by hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal within the specified time. Whoever gets the highest score within the specified time will win the game.

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How does an Arcade Air Hockey Table work?

Working Principle:

  • After the machine is powered on, insert coins to the coin acceptor, and then the counting signal is transmitted by the coin acceptor to the io board, and then the io board is transmitted to the counting kinescope, and finally the kinescope displays.
  • After inserting the coins, the coin acceptor sends a signal to the io board, and then transmits the signal to the relay through the io board, and the relay starts to supply power to the blower.
  • The blower is started, and then the air is exhausted through the small holes on the table. The wind of the blower reduces the friction between the pie and the table. Reducing the friction can make the pie moving faster, the running time is longer, and help the players to play the game with less strength.

How much is an air hockey table

  • Children model:600-2000 USD
  • Adult ordinary model:1200-2800 USD
  • Multi-balls model: 2000-5000 USD

Where To Buy Arcade Air Hockey Table?

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