Project Description

Outdoor Theme Park Kids Ride amusement equipment For Sale

Product Parameter:

1. Rated input voltage: three-phase AC380V, 50HZ
2. Machine capacity: 5kW
3. Average speed: 0~3.5 laps/min
4. Running speed: ≤1.9 m/s
5. Running time: 1~8 minutes (adjustable)
6. Operating height: ≤1.9 meters
7. Equipment height 3 meters,
8. Land size: 9m×6m (including fence)
9. Loading capacity: 12 people
10. Load weight: 910 (kg)
11. Equipment weight: 3.5 tons

amusement playground ride


Star Legend is the newly developed amusement machine suitable for people from 6 to 50 years old. The machine is novel in shape, colorful, safe, reliable, easy to operate, and interesting. It is amusement machine that young friends love to ride. The equipment slides and rotates on the track,flying like a spaceship in the sky. Equipped with music, colorful lights, flashing lights at night,it’s colorful and attractive. The product is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability. Suitable for indoor amusement, it is the best amusement equipment for amusement parks, youth palaces, parks, cultural palaces, resorts and large shopping malls and other densely populated places.

How to play:

The tourists sit on the device, the device starts, the cool lights start slowly with the dynamic soundtrack at the beginning of the game.The cockpit slides up and down, and the two cockpits will rotate while sliding.Everyone sitting in the cockpit looks like flying in space.After one round of time is up, the spaceship stops and the game ends.