Dance Live(Deluxe Version) Arcade Dance Machine

Dance live (Deluxe Version) Dance Machine

Features of the product

  • Fashionable dance music The latest and hottest dance music is implanted, with rich variety, you can find all.
  • Innovative play Dance steps with body action, DDR experience of next generation.Dazzle light Dazzle LED light on footboard, effect of a real stage, enjoy experience of a protagonist.
  • Double players Support one screen for double players, experience interaction with each other or exciting PK
  • Stage with LED light,gorgeous and attracting appearance,suitable for promoting an atmosphere
  • Classic music game, combined with body motion, innovative play
  • Two players operate at same time, online combat for at most 4 players
  • Login in with Wechat, record kept for checking nationwide ranking

Dance Machine Playing method

  • Insert coins, select single player/double players, then choose your favorite song for game
  • You need to act stamping on, coulé, crouch, jump and so on in the game
  • Score will be saved after each song ends, and you can use stars you win to unlock hidden songs


  • operating voltage:220V
  • rated power:560W
  • weight:223 kg (machine), 167 kg (LED stage), 132 kg (outer frame of the deluxe version)
  • size:2667mm*2885mm*2582mm ( length width height )

Pay special attention to:

  • Please make sure there is no any object on the induction area of footboard before starting the machine.
  • Please clean the induction area of footboard frequently, in case that there is something on it causing to the abnormal.

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