Project Description

Dance live (Deluxe Version) Dance Machine

Pay special attention to:

  • Please make sure there is no any object on the induction area of footboard before starting the machine.
  • Please clean the induction area of footboard frequently, in case that there is something on it causing to the abnormal.

Dance live (Deluxe Version) Dance Machine

Introduction and features of the product

  • Stage with LED light,gorgeous and attracting appearance,suitable for promoting an atmosphere
  • Classic music game, combined with body motion, innovative play
  • Two players operate at same time, online combat for at most 4 players
  • Login in with Wechat, record kept for checking nationwide ranking

Playing method

  • Insert coins, select single player/double players, then choose your favorite song for game
  • You need to act stamping on, coulé, crouch, jump and so on in the game
  • Score will be saved after each song ends, and you can use stars you win to unlock hidden songs


  • operating voltage:220V
  • rated power:560W
  • weight:223 kg (machine), 167 kg (LED stage), 132 kg (outer frame of the deluxe version)
  • size:2667mm*2885mm*2582mm ( length width height )