Project Description

Arcade Game Driving Machine For Sale|Speed Drive 5 Arcade Racing Machine

Speed Driver 5

Machine Parameter

  • Size: 1130*1635*2305mm
  • Power: 600W
  • Weight 230KG
  • Display size: 42″LCD

Game Introduction

  • Speed Driver-Breaking the monopoly of Japanese 3D racing games and catching up with Japanese R&D technology
    “Speed Driver” is the first game produced by IGS with real-time 3D-CG, and it is also the first 3D large-scale racing game developed by the Chinese. Started to research and develop this type of machine in 1995, and gathered talents from all parties, including 3D painting, software and hardware, physics, and even talents in film and television. From a technological point of view, it has the technological level to compete with Japan in the international market.
  • Speed racing is popular all over the world! The game program is rich in content, and the unique features and colors make the guests endless. Fully dynamic steering wheel, motor-driven steering wheel vibration: hurdles, grass, bumps, bumps and unevenness, all kinds of ground have different feelings of action and feel different.
  • When driving, use unique drifting skills to guide the player’s sense of touch, allowing drivers to enjoy the surreal driving fun! Feel the excitement of drag racing in this simulated track racing car!
  • The vivid and lifelike dynamic graphics of the 3D game give players an immersive visual effect. The Great Wall-rolling yellow sand and endless scenery outside the Great Wall; Taiwan-winding valleys, sea and sky coastal scenery; Shanghai- The night view of the city with tall buildings and flashing lights; as well as the high-speed track that has undergone mysterious technology crystallization and precise calculation, coupled with strong electronic songs, and extreme thrills, a super-century racing game has officially detonated.
  • The game is divided into four competitive modes: time racing, story racing, and two-person racing. The so-called “two-person racing” is an interactive battle between players and players, a confrontation based on the time racing mode, full scenes and full tracks. The competition, the use of their respective cultivated sports cars, and the use of tactics among players will all determine the victory or defeat of a speed.
  • In order to enhance the depth and fun of the game, a fully automatic “card upgrade” system is specially designed on the “Speed ​​Driver”, that is, the player must first insert the player’s personal card before starting the game In a specific place of the machine, the player’s personal data and the game scores after the game is over can be recorded in this special card through the built-in design of the machine, and various packages can be upgraded and modified, and the appearance can also be obtained. As well as the performance improvement on the machine parts, there are so many fun functional designs.

[Speed ​​Racing] series game introduction

  • [Extreme Speed] The racing game series is the original arcade platform racing game. It has been popular in various video game playgrounds for more than 20 years. It is a Chinese game work of the same name as the initial D, Wangan Racing and other series. We know that Wangan Racing’s main game experience is speed overtaking, which is a straight perspective, while the main game of the initial D series is mountain drifting, which is a cornering perspective, and the [speed] game series not only integrates the above two game needs Racing skills, and made a lot of detailed descriptions of the player’s feelings. For example, the glare of sunlight that suddenly appears in the early morning or evening corners, such as collisions, drifting, and changes in vehicle speed and the player’s subjective will felt when turning a corner. Many senior speed fans say that the best thing about speed is the sense of reality! A player who played modified car racing once told me that after playing a real car, you know that
  • [Speed] is the best racing game!
    Holley Technology is the exclusive first issuer of [Speed ​​5]! This time Holley, through years of market research and discussions with IGS, customized and developed new game features suitable for the Chinese market for [Speed ​​5].
    Seven features of the game’s first release
  • WeChat login, cloud storage
  • Mobile phone exclusive APP
  • Game difficulty adjustment, easy for novices, improved skill depth and gameplay depth
    Fourth, 4K HD picture quality
  • National Internet Battle
    Six, a wealth of personalized items for vehicle modification
  • Automatically take screenshots of the exciting moments of the game, scan the code to share

Speed 5] mode and track description

Game mode

  • Free choice mode (20 tracks including AI cars and player models)
  • Story mode (60 levels including AI cars and player models),Timekeeping mode (20 tracks)
  • 4-player in-store battle (including 20 tracks and player models)
  • 2-player global battle (including 20 tracks and player models)

Scene and track

  • Mediterranean: 4 tracks (including 6 retrograde tracks)
  • Norway: 4 tracks (including 6 retrograde tracks)
  • Taipei: 3 tracks (including 6 retrograde tracks)
  • Shanghai: 6 tracks (including 9 retrograde tracks)
  • Time period: day/night/early morning/evening
  • Difficulty level: beginner/intermediate/intermediate advanced/advanced Low barriers to entry, quick to get started, a racing game that integrates two game elements: Initial D and Wangan. It is very friendly to novices. It is a fun but not greasy racing game.

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