Arcade Ticket Eater For Family Game Center|2022 Best Arcade Card System For Sale

Arcade Ticket Eater Parameter

  • The 7-inch touch screen supports members to use the member IC card to read the card and scan the code in the wechat member center to deposit tickets, which can be directly stored in the member account.
  • High performance motor, cross cutting ticket breaking, anti canvassing, compact body, no space.
  • Overall dimension: 30W x 27D x 16.5h (CM) working voltage: AC110V ~ 220V

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What parts does the arcade card system contain?

  • The arcade card system includes software, hardware, and service.
  • Software: management software
  • Hardware: card reader, card reader, self-service equipment, arcade ticket eater ,access control consumer equipment.
  • Service: door-to-door installation, remote after-sales service, individual function development.