Project Description

Coin operated Frog Paradise Arcade Tickets Games For Sale


  • Fog Paradise is a children’s mechanical game machine with frogs and hamsters as the element. The gameplay is simple and interesting. By hitting the frog’s head with a hammer, the score is scored and the frog lifting board will rise step by step according to the score. The higher the score, the higher the rise. The game ends when you reach the top. Reach a certain score to reward gifts. With cute appearance and dazzling lighting, it is suitable for children and teenagers to entertain and play.

Arcade Ticket Games


  • After the player inserts the coin, the player hits the frog’s head with a hammer to start scoring, and the elevator board will automatically increase according to the score hit. The game ends when it rises to the top within the specified time. Rewards will be awarded if the score meets certain requirements.

technical Parameter

  • Environmental requirements: temperature range 20℃~40℃, low radiation, low humidity, low vibration
  • Appearance size: length 95*width 69*height 166CM
  • Wooden frame packaging size: length 101*width 79*height 134CM
  • Net weight: 120KG
  • Gross weight: 140KG
  • Power supply voltage: AC110-220~50Hz
  • Standby power: 80W
  • Maximum power: 100W
  • Number of players: single

How to play

  • There are two levels in the game: the first level is 60 seconds, and the second level is 40 seconds for a total of 100 seconds.
  • Game time: You can set the game time per round to 100 or 60 seconds.
  • Game progress: Shows that the player will automatically enter the second level 60 seconds after the current time of the first level 60 seconds.
  • After the game is over: the score will be counted automatically after 100 seconds, and the prize will be automatically awarded when the score reaches the set requirement.
  • Number of coins: The time display board will display the number of coins the player has put in the machine.
  • Player information: The score is displayed on the left, and the time is displayed on the right.
  • Player’s current total score: The score display board will display the total number of points the player has obtained in the game.