Project Description

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Fastest And Accurate

How to play

  • There are 4 themes in the game, fruits and vegetables, animals, simple graphics, and fishes. During the game, according to the graphics displayed in the middle of the game screen, press the right graphics,
    If you click on all the graphics, the time is relatively short, and there are small games to play. When the shooting is wrong, there is a prohibition sign on the graph. Continuous shooting is prohibited within 1s.
  • Fruits and vegetables theme, select the fruits and vegetables shown in the picture, animal themes. Select the animals shown in the picture, the graphic theme is simple and easy to get started, select the graphics in the picture, the fish theme, select the fish shown in the picture, and when finished . Will enter the lottery mini-game interface.
  • After the mini-game starts, the player first selects a favorite graphic. Then the system marquee walks through each graphic, and finally the marquee stops. If it stops on the graphic selected by the player, the player will be rewarded. The player will be rewarded.
  • The God of Wealth will fly around the interface after receiving the game of God of Wealth. Players need to react quickly to take the portrait of God of Wealth to get rewards.


  • Operating environment: Window7
  • Hardware configuration: CPU: AMD A6-5400
  • RAM: 4G
  • Hard Disk: 16
  • Motherboard: AMD A55
  • Game type: Puzzle casual games

Game introduction

  • Fastest And Accurate is a puzzle casual game, the game is simple and easy to use, very casual and entertaining, the original anime characters are funny and interesting, the game is not difficult, the gameplay is to press the specified graphics in the game within the specified time .