Project Description

Coin Operated  Super Swirl Ball Redemption Game Machine for sale

Redemption Safety Attentions

  • Certain part of the game is with high voltage. Adjust the game by technician. Do not open the game door unless maintenance or parts replacement is required.
  • Please switch off the power before checking and maintenance.
  • Please switch off the power before opening the game door.
  • Fire extinguisher equiment must be nearby the game.
  • The game must be located properly to avoid damages.

Redemption Product Attentions

  • Please read the manual first before operating this machine.Please pay attention to the items marked in “note”.

Notes of Usage

  • The voltage range of the game should be 105V~115V or 215V~225V. The proper voltage should be 110V/220V. The specific voltage accords to the date plate on the back door of the game.
  • The plug must be plugged in tightly but keep the power cords not be too tight.
  • Please properly adjust the coin mech and the game settings when use at the first time.
  • Please regularly check all the functions of the game when operate
Redemption game machine

SUPER SWIRL Redemption Notes Of Maintenance

  • Be sure to check and maintance the game regularly.
  • Switch off the power before replacing the parts of the game.
  • The parts for replacement should be the same model as the old one.
  • Please check the connection and voltage output after replacing the power supply.
  • The voltage range of the PCB should be 5.1V ~ 5.4V and 12.1V ~ 12.4V.
  •  Check whether the game has creepage and the voltage before repairing the PCB.

Notes of Clean

  • Please use clean and soft colth to clean the game.
  • Prevent damaging the surface of the game, please do not use the following cleanser:
  1. Alterative Cleanser;
  2. Acidic Cleanser;
  3. Insecticide, sterilized water, alcohol or other chemical cleanser.

Notes of Moving and Shipping

  • Properly disassemble the game for necessary moving and shipping.
  • Prevent the game from hitting or being attrite during movement.
  • Protecting the case when move the game.
Redemption game machine

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