Project Description


  • Size: W810mm*D860mm*H2100mm
  • Volume: 2m³
  • Weight: 80KG
  • Power:250W
  • Player:1


Automatic door-opening scissor cut gift machine, can install coin acceptor. The upper and lower parts open the door, and the color and appearance patterns can be customized. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used for indoor video games or as gift sales. The program is simple to operate and has stable quality. The mechanical gameplay is simple and easy, which is widely loved by players. Game method: pay for the game permission, press and keep holding the button within the specified time, so that the crown block scissors move forward to the hanging rope of the gift, release the button at the right time, the scissors will cut the gift rope, and the gift door will automatically unlock Open it to get your favorite gift.

Coin operated prize cut vending game machine

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