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coin pusher machine arcade

Product Features Introduction

  • Mechanical screen combination

    The device push plate is combined with the screen, and the device moving door gameplay is combined with the screen; the player experience is more real! The gameplay is novel and more fun!

  • Internal circulation system

    Internal circulation system, strong compatibility, low failure rate;

  • Online game

    Rich real-time connection gameplay, connect to play games together; you compete for each other, and you will be happy to win!

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall


  • Product specification size: Overall size: 1755 (length) * 1755 (width) * 2475 (height) mm; mobile size: 1493 (length) * 1493 (width) * 1981 (height) mm; single card size: 1603 ( L)*747(W)*1981(H)mm

  • Power supply: working voltage: 220V; rated power: standby 700W peak 1000W

  • Applicable Token Size: Diameter: 23.5mm~25mm; Thickness: 1.6mm~1.9mm

  • Suggestions for placing coins: it is recommended to place 40~80 coins in the push-up plate; 300-400 coins are recommended for the push-down plate; in small refund mode and coin refund mode: it is recommended to place 200-300 coins in the foreign currency refund motor.

  • Machine maintenance and assembly instructions: The machine can remove some screws and unplug the wire to open the interface for maintenance;

How to play:

  • Rotate the joystick to aim at the moving door

  • Press the button to send coins and hit the door, you can start the site

  • Drive the car to the building according to the station, you can get the corresponding reward on the building point

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