Dido Kart 2 Car Racing Arcade Machine


  • Ultra-high-defination picture,super-dazzing,shocking, lifelike picture;

  • A variety of animal stars, five scenes;

  • Support multiplayer online games, military-grade simulation dynamic effects;

  • Very rare seem Kart racing kind game machines, suitabl for both kids and adults;

  • Wwith full dynamic motion, provide the best immersive game play experience.


Dido Kart 2
Dido Kart 2
Dido Kart 2
Dido Kart 2


  • Size: W1120*D2300*H2120mm ,covering an area of 2.77㎡

  • Weight:360KG

  • Monitor: 43″LCD

  • Voltage:220V

  • Power:1320W

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall.

Game Play

  • The wheel is for changing the options, and pedal or red button is to confirm the option

  • Step 1: insert coins and fasten the seat belt;

  • Step 2: Player select: 5 different characters can be chosen;

  • Step 3: Choose the play mode: single player or muti player;

  • Step 4: Choose difficulties: easy,normal,hard;

  • Step 5: course select: 6 different courses can be chosen;

  • Step 6: Start the game.

    • Step on gas pedal to move forward
    • Turn steering wheel to change direction
    • Shift gear to R and hold gas pedal to back the car
    • Hope red button to use item
    • Race the car through item box to get item
    • When using weapon, aiming at target box will increase accuracy
    • Step on gas pedal and drift pedal
    • Turn the wheel to drift
    • Keep drifting for a while and release the drift pedal
    • You will get a short-time turbo speed

Background Story

This is the story of justice and evil in Kaka town
A magical gem that can make the villagers of Kaka town grow healthily was taken away by the dragon. The lives of the villagers are at stake. Just as the lotus withered and the mold virus was on its way. A nonsensical martial arts conference confiscated all the weapons of the villagers of Kaka town. The days without weapons forced all the masters in the village to go out for a wander. Only through 5 tracks to defeat the dragon and regain the gems can you change the healthy life of the villagers. So, the 5-man team headed by Lancelot started their racing treasure hunt..

Character Pictures Character Traits Mount Features Of the Mount
Lancelot WPS图片5 Lancelot is cheerful and enthusiastic. It exudes sunshine at any time. Likes to be noticeable, pure in nature. He is a sunny and handsome big boy in Kaka town, very popular with friends in Kaka town. Ancient Cavalry The ancient iron cavalry has the characteristics of berserk, and the speed is greatly improved after the berserk. This usually results in a significant overall increase in all values.
Bonnie WPS图片 Bonnie is naive and lovely, not very strong, but very empathetic. She is a beautiful rabbit who loves beauty, loves to dress up, and is ingenious. Anything can be woven into accessories that can be used to dress up. She is also a nutritionist, beautician, model, dresser and little doctor. In Kaka town, it is very popular with the townspeople, and it is the object that everyone learns to imitate. Purple-haired Rabbit is a fashion celebrity in the small town of Kaka, proficient in makeup, sewing clothes, and planting flowers. Pumpkin Chariot The Pumpkin Chariot has the characteristics of defense, which can protect the damage value on the track to a minimum
Speedy WPS图片1 Speedy’s character is very cold, his emotions are indifferent, and he usually doesn’t talk much, but he is always unquestionable and can’t be rejected. Helicopter 1162 Helicopter 1162 has the feature of avoiding obstacles on the track, which can perfectly avoid obstacles on the track during the race and reach the finish line faster.
Armspon WPS图片2 Armspon is kind-hearted, likes to drink, rash but kind-hearted, forthright and free and willing to help others. Space 1 Space 1 has the characteristics of attracting gold and can add experience value quick upgrades to buy more bonus points to win the game
Bully Shark WPS图片3 Bully Shark’s character is witty and brave, humorous, benevolent and loyal, outspoken, brave and aggressive, rebellious, and attaches great importance to commitment. Pirates of the caribbean Pirates of the Caribbean can speed up the ship within a certain time to add obstacles to win the game
Track Name Track Pictures Track Design Concept
sakura matsuri WPS图片1 1 The origin of the Cherry Blossom Festival originated in 1912. The then mayor of Tokyo presented the capital Washington with 3,000 cherry trees as a symbol of peace. The U.S. government reciprocates Japan with dogwoods in full bloom. Some civic groups in Washington initiated the first
The Cherry Blossom Festival activities will continue after that. It has become an annual event, well-known in the United States and the world. So I used this beautiful meaning to set the first level. With a perfect visual experience, players can not only show off their driving skills, but also watch the cherry blossom feast on the screen, and they will be intoxicated and unable to extricate themselves.
Clouded Cliff WPS图片2 1 The surrounding ancient trees are towering, and the water circulates. There is an arch bridge spanning the creek, and the stone square on the east side of the bridge is engraved with the title of “the first scenic spot in southern Guizhou” by Ertai. Going up the stairs, it is Feiyun Cliff, which is like a hole but not a hole, and is very spacious inside. On the top, the eaves of the cliffs are covered, and the stone milk hangs upside down. We used the cloud cliff landscape to design this track, so that customers are visually stunning and immersive. The visual sensory plus the perfect dynamic experience of the machine may be immersive.
Street Battle WPS图片3 1 The modern city is used as the material. The real scene is realistic, high-rise buildings, high-speed vertical and horizontal. Bring reality into the game, become the master, enjoy it to the fullest, and decompress the special.
Rirate Bay WPS图片4 1 The ocean island track is built with the Caribbean island as the prototype, and the real object commemorates the classic.
Ancient Arena 图片1 The Ancient Arena is one of the exclusive locations for animation, located on Chiyan Island, which is the venue for the triennial Whirlpool Island Contest held by Whirlpool Island. The arena is located in the water, and its appearance is very similar to the ancient Roman Colosseum. The ancient and mysterious colors are coveted.
Halloween Trick WPS图片5 1 With Halloween as the theme, children will dress up as all kinds of cute ghosts and knock on doors from house to house, asking for candy, or trick-or-treating. At the same time, it is said that this night, all kinds of ghosts will dress up as children to join the crowd to celebrate the advent of Halloween, and humans dress up as various ghosts in order to make the ghosts more harmonious. The whole city is filled with Halloween spookiness adding to the spooky and exciting feel of this track.

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