Ice Flying Chair Swing Ride


Power supply: 3N+PE 380V/220V 50-60HZ
Power:2.2 KW
Speed: 7 turns/min
Turntable diameter: 4.5m
Capacity: 12persons
Weight: 1T

Precautions For Amusement Park Flying Chair Swing Ride

Ice Flying Chair Swing Kids Ride For Sale

Passengers should strictly follow the instructions to passengers and reasonably choose to ride according to their physical conditions

When taking large amusement facilities, passengers should maintain a good sitting posture. They are not allowed to fight with each other, give way, or make dangerous actions such as standing and shaking, and always fasten their seat belts.

In order to avoid partial load, tourists should ride as evenly as possible as required.

Visitors are not allowed to go up and down by themselves when the equipment is stopped in place or not.

In case of emergency, please don’t panic, keep calm, try to stay in place and wait for the help of the staff.

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