Gun Bullet X Arcade Gun Machine For Sale


  • Place: Indoor use

  • Size:W1430*D1240*H2470mm

  • Voltage:AC220V 50HZ/60HZ and AC110V 50HZ/60HZ

  • Power:330W

  • Weight:165KG

  • Temperature:5℃-40℃

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Best Gun Bullet X Arcade Gun Machine|Most Popular Arcade Shooting Game Machine Made In China

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Spare parts Instruction

Best Gun Bullet X Arcade Gun Machine|Most Popular Arcade Shooting Game Machine Made In China

Game Instruction

Outside Design

  • Gun Bullet is a shooting game suitable for players of all ages. With simple and new gameplay. A milky white translucent acrylic cover is added to the small square console, and it is lined with red and blue LED light strips.

    The 42-inch LCD screen provides a high-quality game view. The large round bottom frame and the support rod between the console and the column play the role of connection.

    The two sides of the liquid crystal frame, the two sides below the liquid crystal frame and the bottom frame connect the entire machine in series. The stickers of the machine are mainly designed based on the characters and scenes in the game, and the colors are gorgeous and colorful, echoing the content of the game.

About the Game

  • Gun Bullet is a casual game machine. Contains dozens of casual games. Let you release the pressure while shooting with the gun, and enjoy the fun of the game at the same time!

    The game is easy to get started. The game is divided into four game modes: practice mode, primary mode, advanced mode and crazy mode.

    There are different numbers of mini-games in each mode, and 4 mini-games can be played at one time. Each game has different clearance requirements.

    According to different game modes, the difficulty of passing the level will continue to increase. Players will have 3 credits in the game. If they successfully pass the level, they will enter the next level.

    Otherwise, they will lose 1 credit. When the player’s credit drops to 0, the game over. Players can choose to stop the game or insert coins to continue.

    When the player successfully passes the level in the mode, the machine will accumulate the player’s score and give corresponding lottery rewards. And according to the level of points, the player’s name and game points record will be left on the standings of the machine.

How to play

  • Insert the tokens.

  • Press the OK button to come into the basic rule introduce page.

  • Take the gun focus on the screen, shoot out and come to the mode selected page.

  • The player shot to the screen to selected the mode.

  • Then the machine will random appear 4 games, the player can shot the screen to choose the games.

  • According to the pass score, the player need to shot out and get the score in limit the time.

  • After the game over, the machine will out some tickets base on the shooting score.

Best Gun Bullet X Arcade Gun Machine|Most Popular Arcade Shooting Game Machine Made In China