Project Description

H2overdrive Car Racing Arcade Games For Sale| Rowing Machine Arcade Game

Game description:

1. The machine is equipped with a 42 inch high-definition LCD screen, which provides players with a clear and dazzling game screen
2. Powerful feedback, enhanced version of the throttle, and equipped with super powerful sound effects, to bring players a different experience
3. The game is equipped with 9 boats from all over the world for players to choose from, and 7 tracks are designed and various boosters are collected to enhance the performance of the boat
4. Gravity sensing operation allows players to better experience the passion of riding the wind and waves on the water

H2overdrive Car Racing Arcade Games For Sale|2022 Best Rowing Machine Arcade Game


  • Machine size: W1050mm*D1700mm*H2100mm
  • Number of packing: 4m³
  • Weight: 160kg
  • Power: 450w
  • Number of players: 1
  • Screen size: 42

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