Project Description

Jurassic Park Spinning Top Rides for SaleJurassic Park

Origin Of Product Creativity

  • It is a 1993 science fiction adventure film adapted from the novel of the same name published by Michael Clayton in 1990 and produced by Universal Studios. The film mainly tells the story of Dr. Hammond summoning a large number of scientists to use prehistoric mosquitoes condensed in amber The dinosaur’s blood extracts the genetic genes of the dinosaurs, resurrecting the prehistoric behemoth that has been extinct for 65 million years, making the entire Nubra Island a paradise for dinosaurs, the “Jurassic Park.” Unfortunately, something happened. Although the park is managed by a computer system, it was destroyed by employees and caused an irreparable loss of control: all the dinosaurs escaped from the control area, and people fled but couldn’t escape the dinosaur’s claws. The dinosaurs killed each other, and people suffered countless deaths. In the end, there were very few survivors, and only four of them escaped. There is a breath of horror over Nubra Island.

Product Story Introduction

  • On a clear morning, Sean and his scientific expedition team drove a military jeep slowly into the dense jungle on the north side of Jurassic Park…This is the most dangerous place in Jurassic Park. The area “Carnivorous Dinosaur Zone” is also the habitat of the most ferocious dinosaur king “Tyrannosaurus Rex”. The purpose of this trip is to collect the excreta of “Tyrannosaurus Rex” to extract DNA for research on conservation genetics and molecular ecology. As the car continued to move forward, everyone held their breath, and the atmosphere instantly became dignified… Suddenly the surrounding leaves rustled, the ground was trembling, and the tree trunks were shaking. The scene that everyone didn’t want to encounter happened. A huge and ferocious tyrannosaurus rushed from the front. Before the scientific expedition team could relax, a huge mouth bit the car, and it took off from the ground in an instant. …The wheels are idling, the lights are flashing, the metal is torn, and people’s exclamations resound through the jungle… It’s too late to say, then the witty Captain Sean makes The team quickly grabbed the grenade launcher next to them, and instantly shot a flash bomb hitting a nearby tree trunk. The huge sound and dazzling white light really made the Tyrannosaurus jump off, and hurriedly let go of their mouths and turned to escape to the depths of the jungle. The team members were saved. Captain Sean slammed on the gas pedal to increase his horsepower and shouted: “It seems that Tyrannosaurus is not interested in us! Hold on to the handrails! We are back to base!!” With the roar of the engine, the jeep rushed out of the jungle. , Disappeared in the billowing smoke and dust.

Jurassic Park

Product Specifications

Name  Value Remarks
Operating Voltage AC380V 50Hz Three-phase five-wire
Motor Power 13kW Motor power 11kW, lighting power 2kW
Action method The carrier swings and tilts up, down, left and right /
Rated passenger/load 8 people / ≤450kg /

turn around

Clockwise, counterclockwise (forward and reverse) /

Passenger height restriction

  • Height range of passengers in the first row of seats: 850-1700mm
  • Height range of passengers in the second row of seats: 850-1780mm
  • Height range of passengers in the third row: 850-1800mm

Timing setting range

1-10min range adjustment, standard running time 3min /
Running speed < 2m/s /
Running height (seat surface) < 2m /
Total equipment About 4.5T /
Land area 6.7 × 5m With fence
Ground load requirements 300kg/㎡ It is recommended that the equipment be erected above the load-bearing beam
Total height of equipment 4.5m Maximum height of equipment operation

Product Feature Description

  • The simulation of the domineering dinosaur shape, attracting attention, is not purely a mechanical product, but also a unique landscape of the venue;
  • Simulate the matching of trees to build a game scene;
  • The carrier makes a multi-directional shaking motion to create a stimulating body sensation for the player;
  • The front of the carrier is equipped with an LCD with exclusive game animation content, allowing players to experience an immersive game;
  • There is a ventilation and exhaust system in the carrier to increase comfort;
  • Equipped with a smoke spray system, and the wheels of the carrier can rotate on its own during the game, enhancing the special effects of the situation;
  • Multiple safety mechanisms and electrical protection to ensure the safety of players;
  • Can be placed outdoors or indoors;
  • Equipped with PLC version and SCM control system version;
  • A monitoring system can be installed to check the player’s game situation in the carrier at any time to prevent individual players from uncomfortable reactions during the game, and make real-time observations;

Site Case

Jurassic Park

Product Technical Description

  • The overall design is completed with reference to the combination of the excavator and the six-axis robot in terms of action and structural features. The base adopts a frame structure, which is rigid, firm and stable.
  • The swivel arm base adopts a welded frame and a heavy-load slewing support. The hydraulic system pressure is 16MPa, and the working pressure is 10-14MPa. The total flow and pressure can fully meet the simultaneous operation of 3 oil cylinders and 2 hydraulic motors for more than 15 seconds. When stopping, the B cylinder and C cylinder can return to the original position at the same time, and the E cylinder starts the car body to move upright and return to the position smoothly; if there is a power outage during the operation, the whole machine can also be manually adjusted back to the original position.
  • The hydraulic system is equipped with corresponding level gauges, accumulators, air filters, pressure gauges, oil filters, etc.
  • Cooling method: air cooling.