key master vending machine for sale

The Key Master Game Machine Parameter

  • Exterior Appearance:D90*W98*H183(cm)
  • Volume:2m³
  • Weight:About 230KG
  • Power:AC220V
  • Player:1
  • Electric Supply:About 150W
  • Implement:Token
  • Coin Box Capacity:About 5000 coin
  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

The Key Master Game Description

  • Key Master 9 lots claw crane vending key master game machine coin amusement game machine is an improved version of the classic key master machine. LCD display and background program debugging, short proofreading time, simple operation, divided into 9 gift bars and 9 gift bars. Support coin acceptor/bill acceptor.
  • How to play: Pay to start, adjust the key head left and right within the specified time for horizontal alignment, press and hold the start button to make the key head move upwards, look at the timing button, if the key head enters the lock smoothly. The key head will automatically rotate, so that the hanging gift will fall out of the warehouse and the player will get a gift reward.

How to play The Key Master Game Machine

  • Insert operated coins.
  • Control the left-right movement of the key by joystick . Press and hold the button to lift the key.
  • Aim at the right spot and release the button ,the key shoot in .
  • If the Key manage to go through the spot , It will unlocks the lock and pull out the gift hanging pin .
  • The gift drop of from pin and falls to the prize basket .

keymaster game machine

Adjusting and Testing

Setting credit of every game

  • Enter mode 3 to setting,method of enter mode 3:press“MODE”,when LED3 light means enter,show 3A–X,Adjust the credit from 1 pcs(Minimum) to 5 pcs(Maximum) by pressing“Up”or“Down”ButtonPress“MODE”
  • button to light up the LED 4, The tube screen shows E 000X, Ajusting the game time from 20 seconds ( Minimum) to 60 Seconds (Maximum)
  • Under Mode 4 ,press the“TEST”button ,the tube screen shows A 000X , you can press“UP”or“DOWN”button to set the music display or not,1 means play 1 demo music interval 1 min, 2 means play 1 demo music interval 2 min,3 means play 1 demo music interval 3 min,4 means play 1 demo music interval 4 min,53 means play 1 demo music interval 5 min,6 means play demo musicall the time.

Method of change game music and domo music:

  • USB connect:Method of change game music and domo music: Press”CLEAR”button more than 3 second under the setting domo music mode,the digital shine is okSD connect : If press”ENTER”button more than 3 second under the setting domo musicmode,the digital shine is ok.(Pay atten if format is MP3,96K rate can put 360 second)
  • 4Music arrangement:open a new file to save the music,arrange the music number such as:0001,0002,0003,0004……and so on,(First part is demo music 0001,0002. another part is game music 0003,0004)then choose way of arrage,use title.choose all music and send to U disk.

Setting every prize hooker coordinate

  • Press the MODE button to light up the LED 5。
  • Under the mode 5,Press”ENTER”button, machines will Auto find the coordinate( Notice:when the key goes through the lock hole ,please adjust the gift hook and then set the coordinate )
  • When LEDshine means have saving this hole coordinate.
  • Notice:Can not off power when setting eh coordinate,if not can not save coodinate data.。When X position is not right ,can use hand to ajust the hooker.

Confirm the origin point

  • Press the MODE button to light up the LED 6。
  • Press”ENTER”button under the mode 6, pushrod will aoto move the first hold,and up ,pass the hole.It will go on to next hole after finish first one.It will come back after finish 15 hole.(Ifpushrod can not go through the hole need come back to mode 5 to calibration.
  • Press“TEST”button under the mode 6,Pushrod will move from left to right and up and push.(Test every switch and pushrod.
  • Press“UP”button under the mode 6,will increase10 credit,Press“CLEAR”will clear the credit,ifPress“CLEAR” more than 10 second,will clear the amount credit and amount prizez have out.
  • Press“DOWN”more than 10 second,will clear the coins account when LED and digital off.

Function explain

  • When machine shaking will alarm and close the door and finish the games
  • Hooker test:Press the“TEST”under mode 5,loose“TEST”button when pusrod moving
  • If want to deduct gift hanging hook ,please take the hooks away which is not needed and reset the coordinate .

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