Project Description

Robot Airhockey Arcade Game Machine


  • Size:W1560mm*D970mm*H1570mm
  • Volume:2.5m³
  • Weight:100kg
  • Power:350W
  • Player:2


High quality romantic airhockey table arcade game machine (air cushion, ice hockey)
How to play:
1. Insert a coin to start the game
2. Player 1 sends 2 balls to the table first, the player scores 2 balls or the game time reaches 10 seconds
3. Player 2 sends 2 more balls to the table, the player scores 2 goals or the game time reaches 10 seconds
4. The machine automatically sends 8 balls to the table. After the player hits the ball, 4 balls are left on the table.
At this time, the machine will send 8 more balls to the table, and so on.
(The number of table balls can be set by the customer, such as: 12 balls, 14 balls, 16 balls, etc…)

robot airhockey arcade game machine

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