Winter X Games SnoCross Arcade Machine|2022 Best Arcade Motorcycle Game For Sale


Snow Cross motor is not a game developed by Raw Thrills. It belongs to the extreme sports game series with Raw Thrills another jet ski. The snowmobile uses a 42 inch high-definition LCD screen and dynamic simulation seats to make players feel like they are in a real snow game. On the road.

The game includes 7 tracks: Moscow, Alaska, Antarctica, Colorado, Washington, France, China

You can choose 6 different Snow Cross motors in the game, and 6 different character styles to choose from. Each motorcycle has three different parameters: speed, acceleration, and handling characteristics.
Game features

Winter X Games SnoCross Arcade Machine|2022 Best Arcade Motorcycle Game For Sale

Like most Raw Thrills racing games, there is no brake design.
Calculation of flight time for racing cars unique to extreme sports
Calculation of the rider’s stunts during the flight
Use snowballs to attack opponents
Support 8 people online, create a password online to save personal snowmobile information.
There is an air duct directly in front of the machine body, and there will be wind blowing out when driving, which simulates the feeling of driving against the wind.
Two visual designs, the game console is more realistic and interesting.
Refueling, no need to rotate the throttle, just flip the version that controls the throttle.

Suitable places: large playgrounds, large shopping malls playgrounds, animation parks, theme parks, etc. Perfectly combine traditional amusement equipment, promote traditional amusement and other amusement upgrades, gather more popularity and increase revenue! The new snowmobile game allows you to rediscover and explore the commercial value of the playground.


  • Machine size: W1150mm*D2010mm*H2105mm
  • Number of packing: 5m³
  • Weight: 180kg
  • Power: 400w
  • Number of players: 1
  • Screen size: 42

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