Project Description

Super Swirl Redemption Game Machine


Voltage: AC 220V/240V(50/60Hz)Max. current: 5.5A/8.5A

(Note: The proper voltage and current used accords to the nameplate at the back doorof the game.)

Max. power: 400W

Power (standby mode): 250W

Coin size: φ21mm ~φ31mm(diameter)1.2mm ~2.5mm(thickness)

Capacity of coin box: about7980 pcs with coin size φ25mm*1.5mm

Location required: indoor use; temperature:-5~40°C ; RH < 90%; no contact with any corrosive, greasiness and dirt.

Dimensions: L1487mm*W1487mm*H2250mm


Choose a proper location for installation and keep the space as below drawing shown around the machine.

super swirl


Open the service door to find the setting board and LCD monitorinside.

super swirl

Setting Board

super swirl

  • TEST: Enter the set item or select the item.
  • SERVE: Confirm the selection and change the setting of selected item.


Adjust the slot machine:

super swirl


  • remove the plastic coin from the coin sample chute and put a proper coin in it.
  • remove the screws on the back of coin entrance. Adjust the the fix chip of back of coin entrance according to the diameter of coin you will use so that it will prevent the large coin blocking the coin mech.
  • set the COIN SW to“ON”.
  • set the pulse of COIN signal to“50MS”.
  • following the drawing to adjust the resistance for sensitivity of coin acceptance,turn colckwise for increasing and counterclockwise for decreasing
super swirl redemption game machine
super swirl redemption game machine

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