Indoor 1 Player VR Dancing Game Machine


  • Equipment size: W2600mm*2500mm*2400mm
  • Occupancy: 9㎡
  • Packing volume: 4m³
  • Equipment weight: 160KG
  • Resolution: 2560*1440
  • Computer configuration: I5+1050+8G+120G
  • Voltage/frequency: AC220-240V/50Hz
  • Power: 1.5 KW
  • Game Number: 50-100 Number of
  • players: 1
  • Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

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The first VR device to liberate hands and feet, flexible interactive shooting, adventure experience
Science fiction simulates diverse scenes, sets of diverse roles, and multiple game modes (panoramic content such as science popularization, exploration, excitement, thrills, treasure hunting, etc.)
VR game equipment uses VR glasses to achieve three-dimensional spatial visual experience as the main body, combined with sound to achieve hearing and dynamic effects , Wind, water, temperature and other devices to achieve the best real experience. The main game content includes space exploration, somatosensory sports, battle shooting, driving racing, sports and other themes. The use of the above technical equipment allows the game content to be close to reality while displaying a unique pleasure.

2022 Best VR Dancing Game Machine Made In China|Factory Price VR Dancing Game Machine For Sale