How to set up an arcade game center in Africa

At the beginning of 2021, a new game center project inquiry from Nigeria. It is a successful game center operation team from South Africa who managed over 3 years. And now found the new investment in Nigeria. This project is follow by the Senior sales representative team. And it takes 23 days from game machine selected, layout designed and loading calculated. At 25th Feb 2021, this project order closed.Africa

Base on this project, it has been design for 4 parts. Amusement rides, Slides Arcade Room and also the water world. For the Arcade Room which we are assist to. It is around 500sqm and covers all age of the players. Focus on the Africa game center, normally, it will be use video game, racing, shooting and sport for most. But base on this client’s demand. It is still with some prize game machine and redemption game machine.

For this game center, the final game machine combined with 10 units video racing and shooting game machine, 10 units sport game machine, 6 units kids game machine,5 units redemption game machine and 1 for each VR and prize game machine. For all order games, except the classic and popular games, still has the new icon which attractive more player. Such as the Mario Kart DX and new coin pusher also the 3 player skee ball. For these game machines setting, on one hand, it is let more players come and play, on the other hand, it is ensure the revenue.
Now the game room is come to the next stage of machine testing. More operation tips are discussing between Yuto and Client. Next time it will be share another project story.