2022 Best Electronic Basketball Arcade Game For Sale|Basketball Arcade Machine Made In China

We are the professional coin op arcade game machine manufacture from China. Over 15 years experience at arcade game machine manufacture. Every year, we will arrange the market research to confirm the new basketball arcade game design. What ever you are the distributor , game center or just a hot fan of basketball sport. You can find what you need in here. More info about the newest basketball game machine and the technical tips, please check as below

Basketball Arcade Game Introduction

  • Basketball Shooting machine is also called basketball machine or street basketball machine. It’s one of the most fashion sport leisure equipment that is designed to separate the shooting action of basketball.Players must get as many scores as possible during a certain period of time, and they can enter the next level after they exceed a certain score. It is an emerging sporting method.
  • The shooting machine is a arcade sports games that is derived from basketball sport activity. Players insert tokens to start the game, and they must get the required score within a limited time to continue to challenge the game. Generally, a goal is scored 2 points (time and score can be set freely).
  • There’s no need to have any basketball foundation to play the shooting basketball game machine.It’s so useful, so interesting, and also with moderate exercise intensity. What’s more, as it’s very easy to play and with a lot of fun,which makes the player can not stop playing it at all. It’s a new choice of street entertainment that enhances people’s interaction as it can attract attention and quickly gather popularity in short time.

2022 Best Electronic Basketball Arcade Game For Sale|Basketball Arcade Machine Made In China

Types Of  Basketball Arcade Machine

  • There are many types of basketball machines.From the function,it can be divided into “single play type” and “multi-machines networked battle type”. From the product structure, it can be divided into combined type, foldable type, double-players combined type and so on.
  • In the amusement game room,usually there will be several basketball machines to be put together as a group,which makes the game scene super hot.
  • The basketball machine was firstly invented in the USA.It has been valued by game room operators within a few years because of its independent circuit board and game performance. It’s simple to operate, easy to use, and with healthy entertainment effects, which makes it become the backbone of saving the video game market in recent years.

Basketball Arcade Games Material and features

  • The overall frame is made of steel and moisture-proof density board.The bracket is made of square steel pipe and thickened mesh screen, and the chassis is made of thickened moisture-proof density board, which makes the whole machine stable and durable;
  • The shooting display boardis made by PC endurance board;
  • Stainless steel basketball hoop, nylon net;
  • Enhanced coin acceptor;
  • Ticket redemption functionis optional(Price will be 200 RMB/unit extra);
  • Equipped withfamous brand high endurance motor to control the left and right movement of the basket, ensuring stable movement performance ;
  • Equipped withhigh-quality metal photoelectric scoring device,to reduce the phenomenon of random scoring and non-scoring;
  • Equipped withhigh-brightness LED display pane,whichmake it can be seen clearly under sunlight;
  • The whole machine can be disassembled and assembled and equipped with universal rollers, which can be moved freely;
  • One-year warranty for machine circuit boards.

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