Super Easy-Installed Yuto Carnival Booth Machine

1.Installation tools: ladder, screwdriver, hammer

2. Required installation staffs: 3-4

3. Installation steps:

  • Assemble the 3 sides outer frames and the top triangle part: First connect the three frames and triangle together in the left side/right side, and the three frames on the back, and fix them with bolts;
  • Erect the assembled frames of the three sides, connect and fix them with bolts;
  • Install the 8 beams on the top by snapping them directly into the hook groove;
  • Install the light board, snap it into the hook groove, and lock the two screws;
  • Install the game area;
  • Install the console table;

4.Finished installation.

Where the Carnival Game Booth Most Use For?

The traditional carnival booth game machine is the chance and skill game play. They are always be use at the traveling carnival, amusement arcade game center and amusement park. So it is also commonly played on holidays such as Mardi Gras, Holiday celebration or big event.

Carnival Games

How Much Do The Carnival Booth Game Per Play?

The Carnival booth game machine are usually operated on  “pay to play per game”. It means the player need to pay per game to get the tools. But the price is range from little amount. Such as 20 cents. And mostly, every player will get the small prize. And if the player want to get the big prize, it needs to finish some challenge or achieve the operators condition.

Carnival Games Carnival Games

Newest Construction For New Carnival Booth Game Machine.

For our carnival booth game machine, in order to suitable the long term shipping by sea. We have upgrade the construction. Now the new construction support to loading 10 unit in 1*40HQ. And as we all know, after the days end, the operator need to collect the toys or prize and then prepare it again at next day. But now, we also upgrade this. The new construction have add the sliding door which support to closed the booth very easy. Finally, it is the latch link connector which easy to assembly and it is also support to just change the inside play which save the purchase cost.

Carnival Games 2 Carnival Games

How About The Carnival Booth Game Revenue?

Now, according to the client’s feedback,normally, 10 units carnival booth game 1 month revenue will be meet the purchase cost and the following are all for the profit. And most kids and adults are very like to play it. Just pay a little money then he can get the prize. So it may coming more and more popular.

What Is The Most Popular Carnival Booth Game?

At last, there are over hundreds of the Carnival booth game play. The most popular are balloon pop carnival game , ball toss carnival game, milk bottle carnival game, dunkin carnival game, carnival basketball game, ring toss carnival game and so on. And still many supplier will purchase for rental, it is also a good way to do the carnival business. It is also support to customize the outside look the inside play. Idea share by you, product finish by us.

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