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What is Bungee Trampoline?

  • Bungee jumping bed it uses a jumping bed, a pair of elastic ropes and lifting columns to make you jump at an altitude of 4 meters and make all kinds of tricks to flip. How comfortable it should be. It can make you increase your coordination in the air and make your joints and muscles subject to unique tension. It can not only keep fit, but also have strong interest. No matter men, women, old or young, no need for superb skills, anyone can have a brave try.
  • You will definitely like “happy bungee jumping” because it is so exciting. You can imagine how free and detached it will be to lift you to a height of 4 meters with the help of a jumping bed, a pair of elastic ropes imported from Malaysia and two columns, and then easily turn over in various patterns in the air to enjoy the fun of taking off.
  • The feature of bungee jumping bed is that it can be played anytime and anywhere without electricity, and all kinds of stunts can be completed. It can not only keep fit, but also exercise courage and kill many birds with one stone. More than four sets of equipment can form a bungee jumping happy garden.


What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the small bungee jumping?

  • Bungee trampoline is a typical product of large-scale unpowered amusement facilities. The movement characteristics is free fall after being lifted by elastic force.
  • Tourists can jump or roll vertically in a certain height freely,relying on expanding and contracting of elastic ropes or other elastic parts.
  • Bungee trampoline is mainly composed of basic support frame (pillar and steel wire rope), elastic rope, safety trampoline and other parts. The structure diagram is as Picture 1-22.

2022 Most Popular Bungee trampoline For Sale|China Amusement Park Rides Manufacture

1—Foundation; 2—Support frame; 3—Elastic rope; 4—Safe trampoline Little bungee jumping Figure 1-22