2022 Best Kids Arcade Game Machine For Sale|China Arcade For Kids For Sale

What are the types of kids arcade games machine and what are their characteristics?

  •  Square Series

    Small rides such as battery car, robot, happy car, and large rides such as small train.The shape is changeable, the theme can be set, the appearance is gorgeous.When the lights are on at night, it’s so attractive to children.

    Low site requirements: Parks, shopping mall entrances, resorts, hotel entrances, etc. can be placed, can be so attracting to customers.

    Simple operation: Simple to start, setting a fixed time is convenient for management.

    It can be big or small, and it can pay back quickly: A small venue can be operated with two or three sets, and a large venue can be equipped with 10 sets and dozens of sets,which is spectacular.Usually, the cost can be recovered in 1-2 months.

  • Go Kart

    The karts we mentioned here are mainly battery-type karts. The appearance and style are basically the same. There are different sizes, and the material configuration will be different. Intelligent electronic seat belts ensure driving safety (the car will move only when the seat belt is fastened and the accelerator is stepped on). Intelligent voice prompts, sports car sounds, electronic brakes, electronic accelerators (Hall infinitely variable).

    Operation method: Mostly operate in the form of tracks and scenes,which can be large or small.The small ones, generally designed cool lanes are enough. The items for setting the lanes can be used tires, etc., and then do some simple decoration.The large ones usually simulate the track and add small landscapes based on a theme, set the plot, etc.

    Material: commonly used for roll molding, glass fiber reinforced plastic.