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What are the types of kids arcade games machine and what are their characteristics?

  •  Square Series

    Small rides such as battery car, robot, happy car, and large rides such as small train.The shape is changeable, the theme can be set, the appearance is gorgeous.When the lights are on at night, it’s so attractive to children.

    Low site requirements: Parks, shopping mall entrances, resorts, hotel entrances, etc. can be placed, can be so attracting to customers.

    Simple operation: Simple to start, setting a fixed time is convenient for management.

    It can be big or small, and it can pay back quickly: A small venue can be operated with two or three sets, and a large venue can be equipped with 10 sets and dozens of sets,which is spectacular.Usually, the cost can be recovered in 1-2 months.

  • Go Kart

    The karts we mentioned here are mainly battery-type karts. The appearance and style are basically the same. There are different sizes, and the material configuration will be different. Intelligent electronic seat belts ensure driving safety (the car will move only when the seat belt is fastened and the accelerator is stepped on). Intelligent voice prompts, sports car sounds, electronic brakes, electronic accelerators (Hall infinitely variable).

    Operation method: Mostly operate in the form of tracks and scenes,which can be large or small.The small ones, generally designed cool lanes are enough. The items for setting the lanes can be used tires, etc., and then do some simple decoration.The large ones usually simulate the track and add small landscapes based on a theme, set the plot, etc.

    Material: commonly used for roll molding, glass fiber reinforced plastic.

2022 Best Kids Arcade Game Machine For Sale|China Arcade For Kids For Sale
kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
  • Kiddie Ride

    Simple operation: Insert game token to start.

    Widely application: The machine is very small, and can be placed in most places,such as inside or outside the stores, idle areas of shopping malls, family entertainment centers, playgrounds, parks, ect.

    Dynamic, cool lighting, interactive with music or games.

    A variety of themes, different price, and different of functions to choose from.

kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
  • Video Game

    The game is mainly based on puzzles to enhance children’s learning ability and reaction ability. Game content such as: puzzles, snakes, Lianliankan, guessing, building, animals, etc., in addition to scenario simulation, car washing, kitchen, etc.

    The gameplay is simple, mainly let children complete tasks through their own thinking and reactions.

    The design is more childish, with more animal-themed styles.

    Players will get some small gifts after customs clearance.

kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
2022 Best Kids Arcade Game Machine For Sale|China Arcade For Kids For Sale
  • Whack-a-mole

    By players number: Mostly single player and double players models, and the price is relatively low, ranging from USD200-2000.Multi-players model are mostly for 3-4 players, but very few styles, and the price is relatively high, 1000- 7000USD range.Four players model are around USD6000.

    By style: Frogs and gophers style are the most classic, clowns and interstellars style are also popular.

    By Material: Chassis material: wooden,plastic, hardware, etc.


    The appearance is generally very childish, attracting children’s attention.

    The operation is simple, the speed is getting faster, to exercise the child’s reaction ability.

    Strong interaction, parent-child cooperation, cultivate tacit understanding, which is conducive to parent-child communication.

kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
  • Card Game Machine

    Features: The machine provide a variety of cards for cartoons and classic video dramas that children are interested in, mostly in the form of dispension, plus some lucky chances, such as: at least one card, you can have the opportunity to get 2 or more.The most classic is the Ultraman Fusion Guild Wars card machine, which is the representative of the immersive game card machine.

kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
  • Patting game series

    Features: Follow the rhythm of the music,game scene, or the lights, tap the buttons to complete the game.There are single-player games, and two-player battle games.

    Can exercise reaction ability and sense of music rhythm.

    Integrate fun, puzzles, etc.

    Cartoon shape.

  • Introduction of Happy Patting

     Single Game (21 kinds of games optional): western cowboy, power girl, loach catch, mosquito control operation, jungle hunting, big smashing westward journey, shooting master, goldfish fishing, pirate war, penalty shootout, west, happy fishing, planet Guards, ninja darts, swatting mosquitoes, catching frogs, star stage, catching monsters, swatting flies, three kingdoms, monkeys stealing bananas.

    4 in 1 (4 combinations): [catch loach, fish for goldfish, planet guard, shoot mosquito] [western cowboy, planet guard, smash westward journey, penalty shootout] [electricity girl, jungle hunting, ninja dart, happy fishing Big Fish] [Anti-mosquito operation, goldfish fishing, pirate war]

    10 in 1: The top ten in the single game optional games.

    15 in 1: The top fifteen in the single game optional games.

    20 in 1: Everything except monkeys stealing bananas.

  • Naughty Beans

    “Naughty Beans” is the continuation of the classic game “Whack-a-mole”. The gameplay of “Naughty Beans” is similar to “Whack-a-mole”. “Naughty Beans” is a product that combines sound, light and electricity,supports two-player battles,simple game play,it’s more sticky and attract more players.

    Product Features

    Fantastic sound and light, fashionable and compact appearance, making it has a strong appeal.

    A PK type naughty beans that compares two players’ reaction speed.

    It’s suitable for people of all ages, making you smarter and healthier.

    Inflammatory prompt tone combines with the light switching effect, stimulating players’ PK desire.

    Succinct design, adjustable height, convenient to transport.

kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
  • (Children’s Sports) Stepping and Jumping

    Features: Cooperate with the game content, make the actions of stepping, jumping and riding to complete the game.This type of game machine is generally very detailed and vivid.

    Stepping game is to complete the game through the action of stepping;

    Jumping game is to complete the game by the player jumping in a specific position;

    And riding is divided into several, common are bicycles and horseback riding.Bicycles are with pedal, which is consistent with the actual bicycle.And horse riding game is the same as actually riding a horse。

    Strong playability

    Integrate sports, fitness and entertainment

    Realistic modeling

    The cartoon elements are rich and interesting

  • Somatosensory

    The somatosensory game console is based on i-wall and i-hockey. Relying on high-tech video motion capture technology, people’s body movements can be reflected in the game system in real time, and the game is promoted by sensing human movement. Through the link between the game console and the TV, a game console that allows players to complete the game through the coordination and cooperation of the entire body is no longer a game that is simply controlled by fingers, so as to achieve a more complete game experience.


    The appearance design is colorful, the picture is clear and lifelike.

    A parent-child interactive somatosensory amusement machine integrating sports, fitness and entertainment.

    The gameplay is simple and easy to play. You can control the game by dancing your arms, twisting your body and jumping according to the game scene. The whole operation is full of fun.

What is the price of kids arcade game machine ?

  • Low price USD200-2000

  • The median price is USD800-6000

  • High price USD3000-10000

Where are kids arcade machine generally located?


  • Shopping malls, video games, parent-child parks, game halls, cinemas, parks, small shops,super markets, etc.

kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade

The age group suitable for kids arcade machine ?

  • The kiddie ride is generally suitable for children aged 2 to 8.

  • Whack-a-mole, somatosensory, step/jump/ride game are generally suitable for 5~15 years old.

  • Video  games are generally suitable for ages 5+.

What is the size of kids arcade machine ?

  • The size of the children’s game machine mainly considers the convenience of children’s operation. The position of the console generally does not exceed 80CM. The excess part is mostly a screen or decoration; the size of the whole machine for a single person generally does not exceed 1 meter in length and width, and generally does not exceed 2 meters in height.

What should children pay attention to when playing kids arcade game machine?

  • Children must be accompanied by adults when playing games.

  • Try not to place the power plug of the machine where children can reach it.

  • The maintenance and cleaning of children’s amusement machines should not be ignored.

  • Don’t play for too long, 20-30 minutes is appropriate, after a long time, colorful game console colors can hurt eyes.

kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade
kids arcade

What should be paid attention to in the repair and maintenance of kids arcade game machines?

  • The maintenance of amusement equipment in children’s parks is still relatively cumbersome, so it is often ignored by operators. There are many kinds of amusement equipment in children’s parks.

    If it is some plastic parts and fiberglass, during maintenance, it can be soaked in soapy water and bleaching powder and then wiped with a rag. , and then clean it with water.

    Of course, after cleaning, it still needs to be disinfected to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of the amusement equipment. In order to make consumers feel more at ease, the operator can put a label to prove that the amusement equipment has been disinfected and cleaned.

  • There are also some wooden amusement equipment that is moisture-resistant, heat-resistant and non-fading, which can be washed with soapy water and dried in the sun.

    And the circuits and electrical appliances of the amusement equipment also need to be maintained and cleaned.But during the cleaning process, it is necessary to cut off the power after cleaning, let it dry before plugging it in to ensure safety.

    The floor and walls of the children’s playground need to be well ventilated and disinfected after cleaning.

  • Speaking of the maintenance of children’s playground equipment, let’s talk about the maintenance of amusement equipment. For some mechanically rotating amusement equipment, it is necessary to check whether the rotation condition is normal before opening every day, especially those worn positions.

    Inspectors should regularly add lubricating oil to such amusement equipment to avoid reducing wear and tear during operation. If the amusement equipment is found In the process of operation, if there is a fault problem, the operation of the amusement equipment should be stopped to avoid accidents.

    At the same time, professional personnel should be invited to check and repair.Only after the safety is determined, the operation should be carried out, and relevant records should be made. Therefore, it is said that The maintenance of children’s park amusement equipment is very important to avoid some safety accidents.