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What is a pendulum

  • The pendulum swing Rides is a kind of large-scale amusement equipment, which is beautiful in appearance, scientific in structure and majestic. The super pendulum is a particularly popular item in the playground, and it is thrilling.
  • Tourists sway back and forth on the rotating pendulum, which is dazzling; tourists often exclaim and laugh uncontrollably, which greatly improves the joyful atmosphere of the entire amusement park, making many tourists linger and reluctant to leave.
  • Common in major amusement parks. Visitors sit in a circular cockpit, facing outward. Usually, the large pendulum uses shoulder pressure as a safety restraint, and is equipped with a safety belt as a secondary insurance.
  • At the same time as the cockpit rotates, the main shaft that suspends the cockpit performs a single pendulum motion driven by the motor. The operation of the big pendulum can make the tourists who are on it thrilled. The big pendulum belongs to the exciting amusement equipment.