2022 Best Racing Arcade Machine For Sale|Arcade Driving Game Machine Made In China

What are the types of arcade racing games?

  • Car Racing games, motorcycle arcade, kart arcade, rowing, and at the same time, it is divided into whether it is full motion function

Racing arcade machine Features:

  • racing arcade, motorcycles, karts;

  • Racing, motorcycles and other competitive video games, experience real-life simulation driving, racing to the fullest, simulating real roads, corners, and overtaking, allowing you to drive yourself and enjoy the speed and passion of the real version.

  • Let players experience the real feeling is the fundamental of our experience game, let you experience happiness in the game, relax, feel life other than work.

  • Dynamic; “Dynamic Speed”, “Speed ​​Moto 3DX”, “Circle Tour Dynamic Edition”, “Dynamic Edition” and other machines are all dynamic. “Dynamic Speed” is a brand-new dynamic racing game with a novel and unique appearance.

  • At the same time, lighting elements with flickering and color-changing effects are added, which is extremely cool; a camera is installed to capture player photos; the game content has five tracks, and the platform vibrates with the game content.

  • “Speed Moto 3DX” is a racing game simulator for players to stimulate the speed of motorcycles. It has the cool appearance of simulating motorcycles and has perceptual effects such as sound, light and traveling wind resistance. Speed Moto 3DX uses a large LCD screen to display , the screen presents the ultimate 3D effect.

  • According to the simulation of each motorcycle and track scene, the track allows players to show various motorcycle stunts, especially the combination of nitrogen acceleration and the vehicle, and during the game, the base adds a sense of dynamism according to the track and the control of the vehicle model,

  • It can perfectly express the fun of driving a motorcycle. The game provides single-player, multi-player and single-player midway challenger random access modes, and the perfect connection function allows players to experience high-quality and extremely fast and exciting entertainment games.

What are the themes of arcade racing machine

Classic IP, events, film and television plots, arcade of popular PC-side games, etc.; for example, Batman, Initial D series

What is the size of the arcade driving game and how many racing arcade machine can be loaded in one container.

A 40-foot container of regular size racing cars can hold about 12 units