What Is The Key Point For Injoy Motion Motion Platform?

Injoy Motion is not a new brand and may most of you know them before. Now, Yuto Games in charge of the global sell for all series game machine from Injoy Motion.

For Injoy Motion simulators, the key point is the patented motion base platforms.Now, this platforms has use in the full series simulator game machine and VR game machine. It is bring players true-to -life experience in going car racing, boat racing and even flying. Following is the motion base platforms action show.

Injoy Motion

What Is The Air Motion Technology?

There are the 2-axis interactive motion base and also the 3-axis interactive motion base. They are all belong to Electrical Series. Thirdly, it is still the Air series 2-axis interactive motion base which use more in the racing game. After plus the motion seat, the play will get the experience about forward, backward, up, down and right, left with different direction moving.

Finally, the best important is, this motion base moving is according to the game view play. Such as the game view need to over the mountain, the car will be have a up side action. The motion seat will show the same action which let you feel that you are really driving a car. The technology of keep the action consistent with game view, currently only Injoy Motion’s motion base can achieve the best results. Other all are still separate the game view and motion.

Injoy Motion

How To Purchase The Injoy Motion Game Machine?

In 2021, Yuto Games get the global distributor who in charge of the all series sell. Till now, we have finish 3 game machines new cabinet change and now hot selling now. They are Tank Superiority, Power Boat and Street Racing Start. Also the New cabinet Dido Kart 2 and VR game is coming. More info about these game please check as below. If you also want to get these machine distributor, please contact the sales.