What Arcade Card System Can Do For You?

As cashless payment system gaining popularity all over the world. How to find a stable and reliable card system is very important for the Amusement game center operator. Our Card System will help you as below 3 parts.

Save the labor cost; arcade card system has wide applicability and can be used to various machines, which is simple and convenient, and has no maintenance cost. And it is an all-in- one solution that helps operators take on-time full control of all business information,increased profitability ,and to manage every aspect of their venue.

Easy Operation for your FEC; the Cashless Card Arcade System, aim at achieving comprehensive management of the entertainment center by using it. It is able to improve management efficiency directly without changing the existing business model. Players can play the game through a card.

Precision Marketing Management, Membership levels function of the card system correspond to different membership rights, System functions such as limited time purchase, full discount, coupons, holiday discounts, limited time specials, etc.

Through the above 3 steps, our card system will increase over40%revenue for your game center.