What Our Arcade Card System Can Do For You?

Our Management arcade card System is suitable for all kind of entertainment venues: theme park, comprehensive scenic area, indoor playground, family entertainment center…It is an all-in- one solution that helps operators take on-time full control of all business information, and to manage every aspect of their venue.

Arcade Card System Management Devices

All kinds of managements devices,including different card readers, full service kiosk, POS machines

…, help the operators to operate the game room more efficiently, reduce costs and boost evenue.

Software With Strongest Functions

Our Arcade Card system is with the strongest functions to help the operaters to operate daily management of every aspect more efficiently, to adjust business strategies;

  • Strong data management function: To help understand the operation situation;
  • Membership management function: To help understand customers’consumption habits, and increase customer´s loyalty;
  • Integrated inventory management function: One-stop inventory management;
  • Internal operation team management: To help understand the working conditions ofemployees, optimize operation management methods;
  • Real-time detection function: to protect the safety of site management.

What Arcade Card System Can Do For You?

The Cashless Card Arcade System, aim at achieving comprehensive management of the entertainment center by using it. It is able to improve management efficiency directly without changing the existing business model.

It is managed by both computer and computerless and the electronic IC card and the cpu card are managed by the handheld terminal. Do you want to sit down and have some coffee while checking the tiring account? If your answer is yes, then what you need is a card system. You don’t have to use a lot of coin changer machines and work hard to calculate the record of each game anymore.

And players can play the game through a card. It has wide applicability and can be used to various machines, which is simple and convenient, and has no maintenance cost. Come, let all of your game machine install the card reader, it will save your saff cost.

Cashless Card Arcade System