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chinese fad lion dance claw machine for sale

The lion waking was originally called Ruishi, which means good luck in China.It is a cultural activity integrating martial arts, dance, and music.It was born out of the lion dance in the palace of the Tang Dynasty.During the Lantern Festival, gatherings, celebrations, or shop openings, Chinese people will use lion dances to cheer.

3.0 Program-Function And Features

Solved the unchanging falling object trajectory of the original market procedure, our machines realized any falling point inside the whole mchine.

There can be 4 different falling object trajectories (vertical fall off in situ, vertical top fall off in situ, short-distance translation fall off in situ, It can be translated and dropped off for a long distance, or it can be randomly selected among these 4 modes at the same time)

1. Game experience:The function of transporting and shifting the falling objects at the entrance of the hole;
2. Create Surprise: The program can create unexpected surprises, unexpected and occasional awards, and word-of-mouth marketing will spread to the surroundings of customers (friends, classmates and even circle of friends);
3. Increase customer loyalty: The real stickiness of the player comes from the uncertainty after each grab. If it is determined that the number of winnings cannot be caught, it will lose its entertainment essence and become a pure doll vending machine. The operation of a claw machine without excitement, experience and entertainment is a failure.

4.0 Claw Machine Program-Function And Features

1. The biggest feature: the probability of machine connection is accumulated together, and the speed of prizes is many times faster;
The probability of a single ordinary doll machine is calculated. The 4.0 program supports the connection of 2-16 machines, the probability is accumulated together, and the speed of prizes has been increased several times. It is recommended that the gift price difference should not be too large;

2. Revenue skyrocketed by 15%-20%
Support 1-16 connection, the speed of awarding is many times or even 10 times faster than the stand-alone program, bringing more revenue;

3. Atmosphere light flashing warning/real experience of winning machine
After the doll is clamped, the lights of all connected machines flicker, attracting more traffic and bringing more revenue.unchanged, and the speed of prizes has been increased by 10 times.

Lion Dance Chinses Fad Claw Machine For Sale.