A、Fill in the below sheet and send back to the sales.


B、Project timetable set up: Base on the project building and decoration time to set the project timetable which guide the all steps.

C、Research and analysis: Base on the place site information to analysis the environment and consumption habits to ensure the game center theme.

D、Product selection; According to the size, position and budget to set up the products. Try the best to let them complete the maximum function to increase the profit.

E、Plan design; Take every product to their location.Firstly make sure all selection items is suitbale to set up at the location. Secondly, increase site popularity and stabilize site revenue. It will take around 3-7 working days.

Yuto Games products covering the all kinds of the Amusement arcade game machines. Included the simulator video game machine of Injoy Motion. All different play for prize machines which with the theme of Lion Dance. All kinds of the traditional Carnival booth game machine. Arcade card system and some other Arcade ticket games. If you are interested in these game machines and want to be our distributor, please contact with the sales.

Injoy MotionPrize Vending MachineHyper Shoot Shooting Arcade Machine For SaleCarnival GamesArcade Card System

  • Chloe : In charge of European Area
  • Monica: In charge of North America and Latin America
  • Zara: In charge of Australia and the Middle East
  • Rebeeca: In charge of Southeast Asia and Africa

A、T/T payment terms: You can come to the bank and through the international payment terms to pay to our USD account.

B、Credit Card or Paypal: It needs to set up the Alibaba insurance order and send you the payment link or order link. Then you will get the payment email from alibaba which allow you pay through credit card or Paypal.

C、West Union: Come to the bank and pay to our west union account.


Please kindly check the Yuto Games inspection standard sheet as below and more details please check at :How To Purchased Quality Arcade Game Machine from China?

4-Yuto Games product Inspection standard.

One year (12 months) warranty. Free lifetime service guarantee: All questions can be highly appreciated and free for you.

A、Normal Package: With the bubble film and drawing film. This package is not suitable for the long term shipping by sea or by air. Very easy to broken the products.

图片2 1

B、Solid Wooden package. It is the standard package. With the bubble film and drawing film, outside with the solid wooden protect. Tips: The solid wooden need to do the fumigation before shipping.

图片3 1

C、Plywood support package: With the bubble film and drawing film, outside with the plywood protect. It is the most choice for the bulk shipping. It needs to pay the extra package cost.


D、Plywood box package. With the bubble film and drawing film, outside with the plywood box protect. It is base on the clients demand. And it needs to pay the extra package cost.


A、Shipping By Sea: It is the most choice for the product shipping. Yuto Games also supply the shipping service. It takes around 25 days to North America and 45 days to Britain. Different country with different shipping time.

B、Shipping By Air: If the products is urgent and need to received within 7-10 days after ship out. It is the best choice. But the air shipping cost is more expensive than shipping by sea.

C、Shipping through the express: If the product is small and need it quickly, it is support to choose the different express shipping. DHL is the most selection but with highest cost. And other is UPS or FedEx.

Yuto Games after service included the game machine testing, play set up, daily maintenance and operation suggest if you need. It is included on line service and on site service.

For the on sire service, it needs to pay for the manday cost and travel cost to let the technician come to your game center to assist to the testing.

For the on line service, it will be follow the below sheet and supply the assistance. More details please check at the link of