Video Games, also we name it simulator game machine, which is the video interactive coin operate game machine. Car Racing, Moto Racing, Shooting and Music games are all included. All of the video games are base on the different theme, popular character selected to get the funny.

And if you want to battle with your friend, the function of link to play will help you. I think you are always see such the batman racing game machine, Cruis’n blast car racing game machine, Initial D8 racing game machine, Mario Kart racing game machine, GP moto racing game machine, super bike racing game machine, TT moto bike racing game machine, Terminator salvation shooting game machine, Jurassic park shooting game machine, Let’s go jungle shooting game machine, transformers shooting game machine, alien shooting game machine, Ghost Squad Shooting game machine, MaiMai music game machine and Pump it up music game machine in every game center.

These products are always appear in super market, shopping mall, amusement and game room. People of all age are like to play. Clearly screen image, fluently action, motion with the play, these all function bring the good experience to you.

Video Game Machine

Video game machine is an important part for the indoor game center. As the traditional and popular game machine, it is included the racing game machine and shooting game machine two version. They are mostly base on the famous movie or classic storyline.

Racing Game Machine

It is cover the car racing game machine, motorcycle racing game machine, boat racing game machine, airplane racing game machine and also the chariot racing game machine. How to select the racing game to your game room. Follow tips will be useful.

Normal car racing game machine. Such as the Outrun, Initial D8, Maximum tune series, these all are from the popular movie to design the same car, track and the game options. This type car racing game machine is meet the client’s demand for pursue speed.

Car racing with gun shooting or motion game. There are some person who like want to play racing and shooting together. Others hope the games can be more similar with the real competition. This type is that one. For example, Dirty driving, Batman, Cruis’n Blast and Big hummer. These type game machine are suitable for the one who like to get the exciting game experience.

Classic character racing game. Such as the Mario Kart racing, Sonic car racing. They are all design from the famous cartoon role. These is suitable for the kids and classic lover.

Motorcycle racing game machine. There are some choice, standard international circuit, standard competition play, City or wild ordinary road track, fancy play.

Other, for the boat racing, airplane racing and the chariot racing are used for supplement
For shooting game machine, It is also design with the popular character and famous film. The big different among the shooting game machine is the Gun. Some people like the pistol and some like the rifle. So how to choose the gun to your game room, except the hottest movie and character, choose which gun they like to play.

House shooting game machine version. It is more famous with the parent-child clients.

Stand cabinet version. It is for group cooperation. Suitable for the person who come with the friend.

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Arcade Games Machines Manufacturer

Yuto Animation has over 500 video games to meet your all demand about the arcade game room, included the adult car racing, shooting, motorcycle and kids all kinds of the video games. As the leading supplier of video games in China, all of the products are good quality with competitive price.

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