2024 Best Redemption Game Machine For Sale|Arcade Ticket Games Made In China

What Is Redemption Game Machine

  • Arcade Redemption Game means the game machine which support to get the paper ticket use for exchange the prize after playing the game machine. It is a popular entertainment game machine which located at the game center. Because this type game machine support to own the paper ticket to replace the prize, all entertainment center will set up more.

All spare parts for the redemption game machine.

  • Main Board: It is the key part for the game machine which control the game machine working.
  • Display: It means the view during the machine working. Such as the insert token quantity,game time, game level and error number. Also the speaker icon is the machine volume.
  • Operate and insert part: Coin acceptor and start button are belong to the operate. The coin acceptor is use for insert the token and the start button use to come into the game.
  • Test part: Record sensor, mechanical transmission and driving part. All arcade ticket game machine are with the mechanical parts and the mechanical part need the power to let it run.
  • Ticket dispense: This is the important part for arcade ticket game machine.
  • Power supply: This is one of the very important part for game machine because it needs to use this to supply the power to the machine.

What arcade games give you the most tickets

  • Coin pusher or ball pusher are most and then is the video coin pusher and mechanical arcade ticket game.

How do arcade game cards know how many tickets

  • It is ok to set up the card reader base on the game center demand.
  • 1/The ticket which it outs will be come to the last swiped member card.
  • 2/The ticket will be come to the card reader and then use the player use the member card to swiped to get it.

How many different arcade ticket game machine?

  • Coin pusher, Wheel, Ball jump, video redemption, kids ticket game and Carnival.