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What is 5d cinema?

2022 Best 5D Cinema For Sale|7D Cinema Made In China|Factory Price 9D Cinema

Entertainment trends

  • It can be seen that the interaction and participation of the audience in the movie is the biggest feature of 5D cinema that is different from the previous movies. The interactive game between the characters and the audience in the movie gives the audience a sense of mission and achievement in the movie.
  • While interacting with the characters in the movie, there is also the competition of interactive game scores among the audience, thus revealing the impulse and desire of a considerable part of the audience to watch the same movie repeatedly. This is the unique charm of 5D cinema, and its commercial value is much higher than that of other cinemas.

5d cinema technology

  • Rely on computer digital modeling to build a 3D scene, and then use visual effects rendering technology to divide a 3D scene into a left-eye picture and a right-eye picture, and then project the two pictures onto the screen through a projector, and place a polarization in front of the projector. The light sheet performs optical processing on the light emitted by the projector, and then separates the light from the projector with the help of special polarized glasses, so that the user’s left eye can see the preset left-eye image, and the right eye can see the preset right-eye image. This results in a lifelike optical image.
  • While the film is playing, the sensor technology is used to simulate the perspective change of the 3D scene, the bumpy feeling of the vehicle, and even the actions of the characters through the hydraulic base or air pressure base with special mechanical design, thus forming the fourth dimension.
  • While the characters are moving, the special effects synchronization software extracts the scene information preset in the film, and converts the digital information into electrical signals through the integrated circuit board, so as to control various environmental special effects equipment to achieve environmental effects on the film (such as Simulation of wind, rain, snow, lightning, smoke, smell, friction, etc.) to form the fifth dimension.


video production

5D movies, as an emerging way of watching movies that are completely different from traditional movies, are subversive not only in the special effects system (viewing equipment), but also very different from traditional 2D/3D movies.

First of all, the choice of 5D film perspective.

In order to improve the audience’s participation, realism and excitement, 5D movies are generally designed in a first-person perspective, so that the interaction between the audience and the movie can be more easily realized and the effect of 5D experience can be achieved. Of course, there are also some manufacturers that directly use the existing 3D films on the market as the source of 5D films, and use simple motion files for projection directly. Although this can reduce the cost of research and development, it will affect the audience experience. It is a kind of A worthless approach.

Secondly, the limitation of 5D films on projection equipment.

The R&D and production of 5D films is a costly process, so the 5D film resources of each merchant will be encrypted, and their own 5D films can only be played on their own 5D cinema equipment. Therefore, 5D movies not only contain movies, but also corresponding action files. Without corresponding actions, 5D movies will become ordinary 3D movie sources.

Furthermore, the time setting of 5D videos.

5D movies on the market are generally 8-15 minutes, which is “not enough to watch” compared to traditional movies. This is mainly determined by several aspects:The development of

  • 5D films is expensive, and the length of the films is too long to make the manufacturers make ends meet.
  • 5D movies are equipped with corresponding seat movements, and the viewing time will affect the feeling of the audience experience.
  • Appropriate video length can increase profit margins and facilitate merchants to recover costs as soon as possible.
    Finally, the choice of 5D movie content. The content of 5D movies is mainly science fiction, adventure, horror, etc. Most of them can bring excitement or freshness, and can leave a deep impression on people in a short period of time, creating a good experience effect.

5D Cinema Classification

Electric 5D

  • The 5D cinema seat is a motion simulation system, which can coordinate movement according to the scenes in the film. We call it pneumatic, hydraulic or electric 5D cinema equipment depending on the power system.
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic 5D cinema equipment is driven by compressed air or hydraulic oil, which has a low technical threshold and is easy to produce, but its structure is complex for users. Due to the need to install air or oil circuits, there are many pipelines, installation and maintenance are troublesome, and the failure rate is high. The simulation action is rough, the experience is poor, and the hydraulic system still has the hidden danger of oil pollution.
  • Electric 5D cinema equipment is driven by servo motors, with high technical threshold and high production process requirements, but for users, the equipment has simple structure, convenient maintenance, very low failure rate, realistic simulation action, good experience, high efficiency and energy saving, and no pollution. hidden danger.
  • After the hydraulic system is used for a period of time, there will be a smell of oil in the room. The longer the time, the heavier the smell of oil, and there is basically no way to remove it. It will have a greater impact on the high-end customer experience.
  • In the past few years, electric 5D cinema equipment can only be imported from abroad, and the price is high. At present, domestic manufacturers have mature technologies and products, and equipment prices have dropped significantly.

Vehicle 5D

Car cinema is a mobile 5D cinema, which is a high-tech cinema product that combines 5D advanced technology with advanced mobile design concepts. The in-vehicle theater can move (in-vehicle type) to the customer who needs to experience 5D movies. The car cinema relies on the mobile cabinet specially equipped by the headquarters. All the cinema equipment is installed in the cabinet. After the equipment arrives at the investor’s place, it can be opened for business immediately after a simple debugging.

  • Features:5D movies are becoming more and more popular, so there is a mobile theater that relies on the traction of the car to move freely, that is, the so-called 5D car theater, with small investment and quick results. The characteristics of the car-mounted mobile theater are: the theater box and the truck are a whole, so it is more convenient to move, and you can do business anytime, anywhere.
  • Product background:The arrival of the 3D visual concept has driven a lot of 3D film industries and developed better emerging hotspots. 4d movies, 5d movies came one after another. Various 4D and 5D cinemas have appeared in major shopping malls, game halls, and pedestrian streets. But that way of maneuvering is very poor. Therefore, the on-board 5D cinema has come out, and the on-board method is very mobile and convenient in comparison. Open at different times and locations.
  • System composition:The on-board 5D cinema is mainly composed of traditional 5D movie equipment and towing trucks. It can customize the size of the 5D device according to the loading weight of the truck and the size of the truck.

System composition

  • Environmental special effects: The environmental special effects are mainly special effects made to match the movie screen. For example, when watching a 5D movie, if there is a rain scene in the movie, the special effects we have made can make the audience feel that there is rain on the body. When the wind blows, the audience will feel the wind blowing at the same time. There is fog in the movie, and the audience also feels that the fog is permeating around… The equipment of the environmental special effect system mainly includes bubble machines, water jets, hair dryers, snowflakes They can create a variety of sensations such as rain, wind, snow, smoke, lightning, etc.
  • Seat special effects: The seat special effect system can make the audience feel the effects of bumps, tremors, and up and down flying. When the audience is watching adventure films and horror films, the special effects of the seats are especially obvious. For example, when the audience is watching a movie of a coaster, the seat can make the audience feel ups and downs, flying up and down. In the virtual world of the movie, they can experience the thrill of flying through mountains and mountains indoors.
  • Audio and video effects: The dual-dimensional audio and video effects system includes metal screens, projectors, racks (with polarizers, films), playback servers, control cabinets, screens, bass speakers, main speakers, surround speakers, power amplifiers and other equipment.
    The software system includes a film special effect action editor, a film player, a synchronous control system, an action special effect system and an environmental special effect system. The equipment mainly includes high-configuration computers, monitors, cabinets, etc.

Equipment composition

  • Screen display equipment: high gain, large viewing angle, professional three-dimensional cinema metal projection screen, long service life, anti-ambient light interference.
  • Seat equipment: special dynamic seat for 5D cinema, 6 degrees of freedom control, 12 orientations, 36 combinations, 72 actions.
  • Central control equipment: control the playback of stereoscopic movies, the motion control of sports seats, the correction of motion curves, and the control of sensory special effects.
  • Stereoscopic projection equipment: industrial-grade stereoscopic movie playback and projection equipment, with high picture definition, high brightness, good color reproduction, and good viewing.
  • Special effects equipment: dynamic systems such as dynamic seats have special effects functions such as settlement, swing, vibration, leg touch, jet, water spray, ear wind, ear sound, etc. The surrounding environment special effects can achieve bubble simulation, smoke simulation, snowfall simulation, down Rain simulation, lightning simulation, etc. increase the audience’s immersive sense of integration and excitement.
  • Cinema sound equipment: Multi-channel surround sound system with high-quality sound effects. It can simulate airplane flight, thunder sound, etc. The multi-channel surround sound system can make objects have the characteristics of surrounding motion, and can accurately locate the moving objects, so that the sound of the three-dimensional film is also three-dimensional, forming a real sense of three-dimensional space. Create a three-dimensional audio-visual space.
  • Other auxiliary equipment: control software, stereo glasses, connecting pipelines, hangers, etc.

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