2022 Best Amusement Ride For Sale|Factory Amusement Park Rides Made In China

What is amusement park rides

  • Large-scale amusement facilities refer to the facilities that are used for business purposes and carry passengers for amusement. The scope is specified as large-scale manned amusement facilities with a designed maximum operating linear speed greater than or equal to 2m/s, or an operating height higher than or equal to 2m from the ground. Adults can bring children to play.

How many projects include for amusement park rides

  • Including sightseeing cars, scooters, overhead tours, gyroscopes, flying towers, carousel, self-controlled aircraft, water amusement facilities, racing cars, small trains, bumper cars, battery cars, sightseeing cars class etc.

Amusement park rides Grading table


main movement Features

Type Main parameters (level A) Level B

Level C

creative animation Fish on

paper swimming in water

Viewing cars

Rotate or swing around a horizontal axis Viewing car series Height≥50m 50m>Height≥30m


pirate ship series From slow swing to slow fast swing One-sided swing angle≥90°,

Or passenger≥40P

90°>One-sided swing angle≥45°,

And passenger<40P


Other types of viewing vehicles

Swing diameter≥20m,

Or passenger≥24P

One-sided swing angle≥45°,

And Swing diameter<20m,and passenger<24P



Running along an overhead track or freewheeling after lifting Slide series chute length≥800m chute length<800m N/A
Other types