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What is foosball game

  • Foosball table soccer is a popular national fitness sport in Europe and America. It condenses the sports skills of football. Every player is controlled by the player. The fate of the team depends on the controller. The controller can not only be an excellent striker, but also the best defender and goalkeeper; Just operate the club with both hands and cooperate with brain, eyes and hands to show wonderful offensive and defensive skills such as receiving, stopping, passing and shooting.

Table Soccer
Table Soccer
Table Soccer

Who invented foosball

  • Some people claim to have invented the sports game of foosball table soccer, such as Alejandro Finisterre of Spain and Lucien Rosengart of France.

  • In the 1950s, the 20-year-old French boy Gilbert Curetti was just an unknown fanatic football fan. At that time, the young Curetti always liked to talk about football with his friends in the bar, invented this kind of villain controlled stadium, and played with this humble “table football”.

  • At that time, babyfoot, a table foosball in the “Coffee Club” of the French Jurassic workshop, began to enter the bar. Gradually,  Curetti found that the game of manipulating eleven villains was as interesting as the real fight on the green field. He secretly told himself to build a king’s division according to curetti’s will and win supreme glory.

  • After unremitting efforts, in 1953,  Curetti finally became the first table foosball champion in France. In the following decades,  Curetti became famous, and table foosball quickly spread all over Europe. People are used to playing bobby in bars, and some people are willing to devote their lives to it to realize their dream of becoming a superstar on the real court.

  • Today, the 70 year old  Curetti is still the president of nice classic sport foosball table club in France and the champion of the elderly group of the 2000 World Cup table foosball competition. But who knows, in the next half of the world,  Curetti with his love and dedication to football.

  • Moving the solid tennis game to the table has become a popular table tennis game all over the world. Now moving the football game in such a large football field to the table is table foosball. Table foosball originated in Europe and America

why is it called foosball

  • Table football is called foosball in the United States, which evolved from the German word Fu ß ball (football generally means kicker in German). It can also be called table soccer. It is called futbol í n in Spain, TACA TACA in Chile and futbolito in some other Spanish speaking countries, Italy is called biliardino or Calcio ballla, and some French style contestants also call it footie or baby foot

  • In 2002, ITSF (International Table Foosball Federation) was established in France. As a system and framework for organizing sports and regulating international events, the Federation was established to carry forward table foosball. And promote the sport as a sport officially recognized by the IOC of the International Olympic Committee.

Table Soccer
Table Soccer
Table Soccer

How to play foosball

  • Pass and control the ball: the player controls the player through the joystick and can pass the ball from different angles in front, back, left and right. When the football passes through both sides of the court or the sole of the player’s feet, the player can press the ball to pass the ball again, or the player can block the ball. The above methods can be used to organize effective attack or defense.

  • Back attack: when the player controls the ball with the player in the backcourt, turn his own center and forward players to the position of head and foot, and then manipulate the defender to shoot directly.

  • Penalty: place the football at the forward of the attacking party. The punished party can only use the goalkeeper to defend, not the defender.

  • Shooting: during the game, when your side controls the ball, you can try shooting in a variety of ways and angles

Foosball rules

  • The contestant stands 40-50cm away from the platform and holds the joystick alternately with both hands to control the player to attack or defend.

  • For the first kick-off, either party will throw the ball into the midfield from the tee hole, and the winner will serve the next time. Or guess the ball to decide the first serve. The ball is put into the hole. If the ball stops in the field or jumps out of the table during the game, the original server will continue to serve.

  • Scoring system: every 5 or 7 balls is a game, and the one with more balls is the winner; You can also play three to five games in a row. The one who wins more games wins.

    Timing system: unit time. Those who score more goals within 10 minutes will win.

  • Two people can fight, or one to two or two to two. When two people play against each other, each person controls four clubs, the left hand controls the goalkeeper and the right hand controls the other three clubs; When three people fight each other, one person on one side and two people on the other side can operate two levers each, one can also operate the goalkeeper, and one can control the other three levers; The situation of the four man confrontation array is similar.

  • Do not manipulate the opponent’s club when playing, otherwise a penalty will be given; In the penalty kick, the football shall be placed at the forward of the attacking party, and the punished party shall be defended by the goalkeeper instead of the back player.

  • It is a foul to rotate the club 360 °.

  • In the process of playing, if the ball stops or jumps out of the field, the kicker will kick off again.

  • At the end of a game, the two sides exchange venues, and no replacement is allowed during the game.

Table football serving rules:

  • The table football can be played normally only when it is sent out from the designated position, otherwise it will be invalid.

  • If the table football stays in the second half of the opponent’s game, the defender of the opponent will serve again from the second half of the opponent.

  • In case of being “kicked” out of the court or staying in one side’s half court during the game (a “dead ball” phenomenon occurs), the defender of the half court will serve again from the half court.

  • When serving, you must signal to the other party before you can serve normally.

  • When serving, don’t throw the football, otherwise you will be warned!

2022 Best Foosball Table For Sale|Arcade Soccer Table Game For Sale Made In China
Table Soccer
Table Soccer

What kinds of table football are there

  • There are two standards for table football in the world. One is a metal man, a wooden ball and a metal telescopic sleeve rod. Representative table: bonzini (France) this kind of table is characterized by good hand feeling, can better show the skills of passing, attacking and defending with the ball, and has strong skill and entertainment. I