The function and characteristics of happy car

What is 360 happy car

  • Happy car is currently one of the more popular amusement equipment. It can be seen in many places, such as squares, communities, shopping malls, and scenic spots. It is a high-tech entertainment device with a unique appearance. Its luxurious and comfortable seats, and simple operation are suitable for players of all ages. Happy car adopts the balancing technology. After the person sits on, the whole car starts and swings back and forth from time to time. While swinging back and forth, the machine can also move forward and backward and rotate in one place. And people can also play music on the happy car.

happy car

  • There are many amusement projects such as scenic spots, parks, squares, etc. But most of them are generally in common. A bumper car project has been in business for more than ten years. Yuto Animation’s happy car can provide new profit growth points for amusement parks and entertainment projects. Because novel projects will always be very popular, you catch the opportunity who can make profits.
  • Happy car has a very wide range of use. Unlike other entertainment facilities which are with many restrictions, many people unable to play the roller coasters. But happy car has this problem. No matter what age people or people in good health or not can play. And there are not many restrictions for the venues. Application places: playgrounds, parks, leisure squares, tourist attractions, resorts and other places

Features of 360 Degree Happy car

It is with 360 degrees, 10 pairs of radars no dead-angle collision avoidance protection. When the radar detects obstacles or people, it will automatically stop moving forward to avoid crashing the machine or causing an accident.

  • The 360-degree intelligent remote control with no dead ends is sensitive and fun. It is simple to play for young people, children or middle-aged and elderly people.
  • Multiple ways to start the machine (swipe card to start, remote start or insert coins). The working time, demonstration time can be set by yourself. It is fault self-check, easy to operate.

happy car

  • The seat with ergonomic structure and the standard safety belt are more comfortable and safe. Players can play as they like, safe and free.
  • It is set with cool colorful LED lights, dazzling brilliance, flickering and charming. The built-in multiple speakers, super stereo music, song switching, volume can be controlled at your fingertips.

In terms of parameter configuration, the normal working voltage is 24V, and it can last for 7-8 hours per time. It is equipped with high, medium and low speed adjustments, allowing you to enjoy the fun as you want.

  • Support two people’s entertainment at the same time.
  • The high-tech appearance and lighting design are definitely eye catching.
  • Roller coaster-style wheel hub fixing technology is more stable and safer.
  • Exclusive intelligent balance technology, LCD screen display for all operations, easy to operate.
  • Speaker high-fidelity sound system, music can be controlled freely, first-class enjoyment
  • High-end potentiometer control lever to prevent machine failure.
  • With 3 adjustable safety speed gears, intuitive power display, strong endurance.

How to better manage the happy cars

The happy car is a kind of amusement car that is loved by children. As a healthy amusement project, it can let children enjoy a variety of fun in the while playing it.

Cultivate people’s ability to use hands and brains

  • The happy car is with scientific and three-dimensional design. The amusement vehicle has been made into a multi-functional activity place for fun, fitness, sports and entertainment. When children sit on it, it is like entering a large comprehensive amusement park. Children can crawl, sway, and drill inside. The new small amusement equipment is really with a lot of fun.

happy car

Develop independent personality

  • Happy car is interactive and random. Children must use their brains when driving. See how to drive to overtake the opponent and win, but also to swing inside to control the balance of the body.
  • It is more suitable to develop the children’s ability to use their hands and brains and cultivate their unique personality. Happy car is especially suitable for building in kindergartens, parks, playgrounds and other places where children gather.

Happy car is name of King of Amusement Equipment. It can be seen in various playgrounds, amusement parks and parks. Huge profits, high playability, and flexible operating methods are the reasons for its name. Most customers get the profit when they invest in the happy car. But some customers fail. The specific reasons can be concluded as below three causes.

  • The investor do not fully and accurately estimate market potential of this city or town before investment. Market potential refers to the most optimistic estimate of the demand for a certain product in a certain market in a certain period and under certain conditions. Such as geographic location, population density, consumption level, etc.
  • Do not choose a good site before investing. Due to the high ability to use the venue, there are a variety of places available for investment and operation. For example: parks, amusement parks, squares, scenic spots, supermarkets and other places with high passenger flow are suitable for investment and operation. Some places, such as scenic spots which with large visitors, but the happy car business is still not good. The main reason is that some scenic spots are ecological tours. The main purpose of people going there is not to be seen everywhere in city playgrounds and parks. In addition, there are few operators operating amusement facilities in the places where they play, and they have not formed a certain scale and business environment.

happy car

  • Do not choose a good product before investing. For example, happy car is more suitable for the operation of more mobile venues, such as squares, open spaces, temple fairs, etc.

Description of Happy Car

  • The product is with novel appearance, high popularity, stylish shape, dazzling lighting. It is with strong interaction and many people can participate in parent-child interaction. Self-developed playground scenery is even more acceptable.
  • It is safe and in high quality. It has passed a number of authoritative certifications at home and abroad. The happy cars have been transferred to domestic sales. It has successively passed the EU CE certification, the United States FCC certification, the domestic 3C compulsory certification, and the ISO9001 certification. It is rounded, no sharp corners. The rotating parts have been masked, which is safe and makes players more enjoyable.
  • Factory direct sales, lower prices. Factory direct sales can cut off the dealer’s intermediate price increase. Monthly sales of 400 units, large-scale production, stable suppliers, lower raw material procurement costs. Years of experience in the amusement industry, providing a more complete full tracking after sales service.
  • The new happy car set with 24V battery power supply. 24V DC motor dual drive, a joystick control, can realize forward, backward, left, right, left and right in-situ U-turn, 360 ° rotation and other functions.
  • The control system is fully digitally displayed. It can be set to automatically shut down for 1-30 minutes, count infinitely, and start wireless remote control. It can also set several cars to start and end at the same time;
  • Built-in 32MB stereo MP3 songs, expandable MP3 function, support SD card and U disk to play MP3 songs. Its speed can be adjusted.
  • The whole vehicle adopts steel structure (polyurethane, stainless steel).
  • Vehicle-mounted fully automatic charger, charging power supply 220V, charging time: 6-8 hours, working time 10 hours.