All Classic Character From “Tekken” Arcade Game Machine. Which Some You Win?

How much feeling do the fan player for “Tekken”?

The Tekken series appeared in many game center before but only for the larger game center. Because the tekken machine cost is higher than other same play game. So all of the player who played at that time are the lucky man. At that year, Tekken 3 is the most version you can see in the game center. And even the game center director will prepare the seat and battle area. For this game play, it is different with other arcade game. It has their own play way. If the player use the play of the KOF street fighter. The game play will be finish no more than 3 minutes. The game view are attractive and with strong beating. If you meet the professional player, just need a few seconds, game over.

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The story of Tekken from original are about the love life of Mishima family. But till the Tekken 7 version, it is just complete the story outline. During the period, all member of the Mishima family has appeared as a Boss. But Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazamaare in the demon character. And Jinpachi Mishima is demonized. Only Heihachi Mishima is completely be a Boss base on his fighting skill.

So, what all of the Boss it has in Tekken series?

Tekken 1 – Heihachi Mishima

Actually,the original character look are not good. The character design seems to be relatively naive. But this game is really shock the game industry at that year.In 1994, this game is a good game and from this year, the whole tekken series game develop are come to fluently. So Heihachi Mishima is the first Boss which i am introduce.

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Tekken 2 – Devil Kazuya

From the first time the Heihachi Mishima appeared, it is the beginning of the legend of demon blood.Actually, Heihachi Mishima is just a funny older man and not a really evil man. But Kazuya Mishima is the incarnation of evil. So the Heihachi Mishima want to kill him at the first is the right choice.

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Tekken 3 – Devil Kazuya

Devil Kazuya inherited his mother’s lineage which support to broke out and became Devil Kazuya. His strength is more than the normal humans.Ancient creatures released from the Aztec temple. Even he has the human body but didn’t have the human feeling. And also cannot be the friend with human. After being defeated, he forcibly merged with Heihachi Mishima and then come to the second level. In fact, if he can fit with Kazuya Mishima or Jin Kazama. Maybe he will be the king of the world. And at the last, Oger also has the third level, but it isn’t in the story.

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Tekken 4 – Heihachi Mishima

Heihachi Mishima as the boss to re-appear but the clothes is not good as before.Only the panties.

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Tekken 5 –Jinpachi Mishima

Jinpachi Mishima is a famous Martial artisr before and also he is the developer of Mishima Chaebol. The best friend of Wang.Generally speaking, Jinpachi Mishima and Heihachi Mishima didn’t have the battle reason. And Heihachi Mishima has been a good-man in tekken 7. But why Heihachi Mishima snatched the chaebol at that year? And imprisoned his father in the dungeon forever!Jinpachi Mishima didn’t have the demon blood and devilish air he exudes is actually a symbol of demonization.

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Tekken 6 -Azazel

He is a wilderness evil spirit in the “Bible”, and an absolute evil mind in “Tekken”. Its purpose is to destroy mankind.It is said that he is the root of the devil’s blood and possesses the devil gene in his body that can enhance human power.As long as the players defeat it, they can get an energy ball full of evil.The existence of this BOSS is really meaningless and has no effect on the main line of Tekken.

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Tekken  7 -Kazumi Mishima

According to the plot, Kazumi Mishima had already declared death a long time ago.The devil gene of the “Tekken” series comes from this woman. But she is also a victim in the family. Since childhood, he was sent to the dojo of Mishima’s family to practice martial arts, and thus met Heihachi Mishima and fall in love . In order to make the descendants of the Mishima clan become demons, the Hachijo clan let Kazumi Hachijo marry with the Mishima member, and gave birth to Kazuki Mishima which with the blood of the devil. Then opened a legend of father killing his son and cheating his father.As for the unknown BOSS that appeared in the Tekken TT series, so far there is no official information to explain her origin. But based on the moves and cutscenes, it is determined that this character has a great relationship withJun Kazama, and it may be the incarnation of Jun Kazama.

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