The Oasis , 2022 Newest Arcade Game Center

The Oasis, one of our Game center client who is location in The Palms mall Christchurch New Zealand. Over 1 year game machine selected, product manufacture and shipping. Location decoration and affect by the covid-19. Finally, it will be open at Jan. 28th 2022. It is really hard for all of the business.

Come back to this project, it is start from the Dec at 2020. After the game machine discuss and selected, it is still arrange the zoom video call to confirm the manufacture and product quality. Covid-19 is really a not stable factor which bring so many issue. Especially the shipping, it is wait around 2 months to get the container. And after the container arrived New Zealand. The local virus is serious. Everything lock down again. Fortunately, everything back to the original. It is ready to open at Jan 28th 2022.

For this game center, it is total 37 arcade machines. Covering the classic arcade game, video car racing and gun shooting, Sport air hockey and basketball, prize game machine and also the redemption game machine. No matter the child and adult will find their interested game machine in here. Such as the Mario Kart, video basketball and the throw ball shooting ticket game machine, also the cruis’n blast are very popular game machine.

If you are also stay too long at home and want to find some new fun. Please come to the The Palms mall Christchurch New Zealand .  More news will be update after the arcade game center open.

Arcade Game Center