Introduction To Arcade Video Shooting Game Machine

Product Name Picture Introduction  Game Category Parameter
PROJECT X-PHER 2022 Best Arcade Video Shooting Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Arcade Video Shooting Game Machine for sale Project X-Pher AIR twin is a science fiction shooting game combined with lnjoy Motion newly invented and patented AIR Series Simulator. In the game, player will manipulate multiple high-end weapons to defeat alien intelligence invading creatures. There are 3 main stages in the project; players will drive multiple vehicles to complete each stage:an Armed Tank when investigating on ground,a Humanoid Robot when exploring underground,a Space Fighter when fighting back in space. Project X-Pher AIR TWIN
Dimensions -159(W)X227(D)X 196(H)cm
Weight -733 kgs
Monitor -55” LCD per unit
Degree of Movement -ROLL:土10°/PITCH:+10°
/ HEAVE 10 cm per unit
TOPGUNNER 2022 Best Arcade Video Shooting Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Arcade Video Shooting Game Machine for sale op Gunner AIR twin is based on historical final battles of Germany army in WWIl in the year of 1944.The story starts with the Allied intelligence reports revealed that the German troops were reluctant to surrender because they held a top secret weapon. To confirm the above intelligence, players will follow the game route to sneak behind enemy lines into the heart of Germany army and attack the enemies on the way.Players will take the airplane through five main stages and overcome each deadly ambush and sneak attacks. Top Gunner AIR TWIN
Dimensions -159(W)X227(D)X 196(H)cm
Weight – 733 kgs
Monitor -55” LCD per unit
Degree of Movement -ROLL:+10°/PITCH:士10°
/ HEAVE 10cm per unit
LLIED TANK ATTACK The story of Allied Tank Attack is adapted the history of Wwll,about the warfare in between of the Allied and the Axis forces. In this game, player will play the role of the Allied team, driving the tank from one battle field to another and shooting the enemies along the way. Player can design his or her own tank: there are 10 different function Turrets and 6 different performance Tanks at your call. Moreover, player can select from three playful game modes: Story Mode,Battle Mode and Survival Mode. Allied Tank Attack AIR
Weight-458 kgs
Monitor -42” LED per tank
Degree of Movement -ROLL: 士13.5°/PITCH:士6.5°
/ HEAVE 10 cm per tank
Each player will represent his favorite animal to race for the championship.
Player will choose one from the 5 gorgeous tracks for the final round by daytime or by night. Special items can be obtained on the racing tracks to beat all the competitors and win the game.
Dido Kart AIR
Dimensions -112(W)X218(D)X235(H)cmWeight -428 kgs

Monitor -42” LCD per car

Degree of Movement-ROLL:士13.5°/PITCH: +6.5°

/ HEAVE 10 cm per car

PowerBoat Power boat GT game is a magnificent speed boat simulator which will bring the player in amazing 9 racing tracks,traveling around Europe and South America commanding 10 super powerful boats.On the track, player will obtain weapons to attack the competitors and turbo to boost the boat. Power Boat AIR

Dimensions -112(W)X 200(D)X 235(H)cm

Weight -428 kgs
Monitor -42”LCD oer car

Degree of Movement -ROLL:+1

/HEAVE 10 cm per car

Street Racing Stars 18 sports cars with an amazing look await the player to experience the powerful features such as smoking wheel-Spin starts and reckless speed maneuvers. The player will feel the adrenaline rising driving through 15 exciting tracks night
and day scenarios in 5 leagues. Fierce competition thrilling is guaranteed.
Street Racing Stars AIR

Dimensions -112(W)X237(D)X235(H)cm

Weight -428 kgs

Monitor -42” LCD per car

Degree of Movement -ROLL:士13.5°/PITCH:士6.5°

/ HEAVE 10 cm per car

Dido Kart 2 utilizes High-definition 3D graphics and innovative motion to improve the simulation effects. With vivid facial expression and special costume, the animal characters’ personalities are sharper and more humanized. They would lead players to race in famous tourist sights and festival celebrations around the world. Player can collect and use interesting items to improve abilities or attack competitors. You can’t imagine what is coming up the corner!
Breathtaking tracks 1:S’AKURA MATS’URI