2022 Best Arcade Cabinet For Sale|Factory Coin Operated Classic Arcade Games For Sale

  • It is included the bartop arcade machine, upright arcade machine, cocktail arcade machine, console and the metal classic viewlix machine. Our cabinet are all support to install all kinds of game board, such as the Pandora box, tekken, street fighter.

  • For the Pandora boxpac-man, Amidar, Arkanoid, Bomb Jack, Centipede, Crush, Galaga, Galaxian, Donkey kong, kof97 plus 2003, Mill Miglia 2, Mr.Do!, Pengo, Pooyan and others over 2000 different games in it. For more details please check as below: 1/18MM HDF Material for the cabinet; 2/LG brabd 17/19 inch LCD screen;3/Japan original Sawan joysticks and button; 4/Mechanical coin acceptor ;5/1299 games in 1, included all of classic arcade games;6/Support to customized your games;7/Classic cabinet bring you the familiar feeling 8/Suitable to stand in your home and compete with your friends. Play in your memory.

  • Most of our machines are come to your home, your nearest shopping mall, the game center and the amusement. Outside looks, play type, button use, also the games quantity are all support to customize. If you are a crazy fan of classic arcade game, we have some original arcade game but with the good price item for your choice.

Arcade Game Machine Structure

  • Arcade Games

    Normally, it has two different type, the upright version and table version. For the upright version, it is standing on the floor during play and the machine height is more than the width. The screen also at an angle to the ground but not parallel.

    And most of clients will stand to play. Do the table version, the machine width is longer than the height. The screen is parallel with the floor. And normally for this version game machine, it is seat down to play.

    The game machine are assembly by the outside cabinet and inside main board and parts. For the upright arcade games, it is included the topper, screen area, play area, side board, main body and backside board.

  • Topper

    It is the top side of the game machine. Normally, it will be use a rectangular translucent horizontal plate. And there is the lighting and speaker inside. Mark the client’s favourite game role stick outside to display the game play.

  • Screen Part

    It is the part for install and display the games. And is it located at the middle of the front. Inside this part, the screen will be install inside and cover with the glass or acrylic. Also it may have the game character sticker around the edge.