2022 Best Bartop Arcade Machine For Sale|Pandora’s Box Bartop Arcade Cabinet

Whtai Is Bartop Arcade Machine

  • Bartop arcade is a kind of arcade video game machine, which is generally placed on the desktop. It has small cabinet, small floor area and is convenient for personal use.


How about the bartop arcade cabinet size?

  • The screen size for bartop arcade games is support to customize. 17inch, 19inch and 22inch for the choice.

  • For the mini plastic arcade games, normally, the screen size is from 7inch to 10inch.

What is the arcade machine cabinet size?

  • For the 19inch classic arcade games, the size is 44*60*69cn,

  • for the mini arcade games, the size is 30*50*34cm for 7inch version.

Where is the bartop arcade cabinet suitable for use?

  • Normally it is support to use at home, rest area, promotion activity and more entertainment place, such as the bar, cinema and milk tea shop


What’s the games included for the mini arcade games machine?

  • There are really so many arcade game board in the market. And the mostly are the Pandora box12 which with 5200 games in 1 (it is included the 120 units 3D games which covering the Tekken series games, street fighter series games, Mortal kombat, Boxing Series, Dragon Ball, Hungry Wolf, various racing cars, Pac-Man, Bubble Bobble, Tetris, Samurai Soul, Punisher, Dragon and Tiger Fight, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Kombat Whirlwind, Dinosaur Kombat , Famous,, Mahjong series, 194X aircraft series and all kinds of the leisure games, ball games and act.

  • Commercial Use: VGA+HDMI+3.5mm , Audio port

  • Screen : 1280*720P / 1

  • Game Language: Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Korean/Japanese

  • The game view with more clearer, smoother and more stable

What is the material for the the bartop arcade cabinet ?

  • It is included the two different type of the wooden version and plastic acrylic version

2022 Best Bartop Arcade Machine For Sale|Pandora's Box Bartop Arcade Cabinet Mini Mini Mini

How to customize your mini arcade cabinet ?

  • Firstly, it is required the MOQ. List your requirement about the game machines to the manufacture. The supplier will double check whether the modify is ok to use and also feedback the customize cost. After received the deposit, the supplier will arrange the design and start manufacture after the artwork confirm. Because for the mini arcade cabinet, it is the easy assembly machine, so normally, it will arrange the bulk order directly. But if it has the special requirement or with the large quantity order, it will arrange the sample first. After the same confirm. It will arrange the mass manufacture.

  • MOQ requirement for different version.

  • Normally, for the wooden version, MOQ 10 units, support to customize the material, shape, size, sticker, color and lighting. Also the games quantity is also support to change.

  • For the plastic acrylic version, MOQ 50 units. If it is less then the MOQ, it needs to charge the customize cost. It is support to custom the game quantity and game shape, color and logo.

How much for the arcade machine bartop ?

  • For the wooden version, the price from USD200 to USD300 per unit

  • For the plastic acrylic version, the price from USD30 to USD200 per unit