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How to choose bumper cars for your amusement park?

What are included in the large-scale bumper car amusement facilities? What are the common movement feature?

  • Common bumper car includes skynet bumper car and ground-net bumper car. Their common movement feature is that the vehicles run and collide in a fixed parking lot.

What are the structure feature and movement form of the skynet bumper car?

  • Skynet bumper car is a typical product of large-scale bumper car amusement facilities. To operation of the bumper cars with skynet is to obtain DC power from the skynet and the floor through the conductive pole in the fixed parking lot. When the foot switch in the car is turned on, the conductive device makes the DC motor energize to drive the car body to run. The motor stator is fixed on the steering mechanism, and the rotor shell is equipped with rubber wheels as a wheel. After the motor is energized, the rotor rotates, that is, the wheel rotates. Meanwhile, the steering device can be manipulated to make the motor to do 360° arbitrary turning, so by turning the steering wheel, bumper cars can do forward and backward turning and walking left and right.The structure diagram is shown in Figure 1-20

bumper car

Figure 1-20  Skynet bumper car

1—Motor; 2—Steering mechanism; 3—Car body; 4—Steering wheel;5—Foot switch;6—Wheel: 7—Conducting device; 8—Frame; 9—Buffer tire

What are the structure feature and movement of the Bumper Car without Skynet?

  • Ground-net bumper car is a typical product of large-scale bumper car amusement facilities. It is a technically improved version of the skynet bumper car, and its structure and operation form are similar to those of the skynet bumper car. The main difference is that it subtracts the conductive function of the conductive rod from the skynet, and expands the parking space. It’s power is supplied from the special floor of the positive and negative poles to the motor to rotate, to make the bumper car moves.

The structure diagram is shown in Figure 1-21.

Figure 1-21 Ground-net bumper car

1—Steering mechanism; 2 Foot switch; 3—Buffer tires; 4—Motor;5—Conducting device; 6—Wheel; 7—Seat; 8—Steering wheel frame

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